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Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education (GME) is any type of formal medical education, usually hospital-sponsored or hospital-based, that leads to state licensure and board certification. 

Legacy Health is the largest locally-owned, nonprofit health system in the Portland-Vancouver area. Annually, Legacy's GME Department supports over 500 employed and visiting medical trainees through its sponsorship of two fully-accredited medical residency programs, seven fellowships, and a growing variety of elective opportunities for visiting medical trainees.

Legacy Medical Residency programs

A medical residency is a stage of graduate medical education during which a degreed trainee practices medicine under the supervision of fully licensed physicians, usually in a hospital or clinic setting, with the intent of gaining in-depth training within a specific field of medicine.

Legacy Fellowship programs

A fellowship is elective medical training a physician may choose to do after completing a residency program. During this training, fellows are capable of acting as an attending physician or consultant physician in the general field in which they were trained. After completing a fellowship, the physician is permitted to practice without direct supervision by other physicians in that sub-specialty.

Visitor training at Legacy

Visiting fellows, residents, medical students and physician assistant students from other institutions are welcome to participate in specific elective rotations at Legacy.  Learn more

Please contact a member of our GME team if you have questions or need further assistance.