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Meet our residents

Peter Atkins PGY1 Resident

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

Pharm D, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
BS Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Hometown: Cornelius, Oregon

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program:  Everyone is genuinely warm, welcoming, and invested in your development and success. There are so many past residents still with the organization and pharmacists who have spent their whole career with Legacy. You are part of the Legacy family as a resident. Additionally, the wide variety of high-quality rotation opportunities with excellent preceptors drew me to Legacy.

Professional interests: Ambseoulatory care, internal medicine, and transitions of care

Personal interests: Hiking, traveling, skiing, spending time with family and friends

Interesting fact: I lived on the south island of New Zealand for six months, in South Korea for a year, and have traveled to 17 different countries.

Email: patkins@lhs.org


Katie Cashman PGY1 Resident
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

Pharm D, Washington State University, Spokane, Oregon
BS, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

Hometown: Granite Falls, Washington

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: I was drawn to Legacy Emanuel for its high acuity patient care, and when I heard about the culture at Legacy Health, I was hooked. Past residents and other employees raved about their experiences with the Legacy Health System; how everyone was incredibly welcoming and kind. Now that residency has begun I have had the pleasure of getting to experience this firsthand.

Professional interests: Critical care and emergency medicine

Personal interests: Soccer, trying new food, swing dancing, and anything outdoors (white water kayaking, hiking, rock climbing)

Interesting fact: : I spent 3 years searching Ross and TJ Maxx for specific owl mugs to complete my "Home Essentials" owl mug collection. The mugs were available online for $25, but I couldn't justify spending more than the $3.99 I had originally paid for each mug. After going to multiple stores in multiple states I finally completed my 8-mug collection at $3.99 apiece.

Email: kcashman@lhs.org

Jenny Guov PGY1 Resident
Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center

Pharm D, Pacific University, Hillsboro, Oregon
BS, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: I was initially attracted to the wide variety of acute and ambulatory patient care experiences that Legacy’s PGY-1 residency program offered. During my interviews, I immediately felt the warm and kind culture that surrounded Legacy and I was so impressed by how genuine and personable the entire staff was. It became very evident that the program and preceptors are highly invested in the professional and personal development of their residents.

Professional interests: Ambulatory care, internal medicine, and oncology

Personal interests: Painting, crafting, cooking, trying new restaurants, travelling, photography, dogs.

Interesting fact: When I was in elementary school I was once featured in the local newspaper to talk about my Chinese culture.

Email:  jguov@lhs.org


Stephanie Hernandez PGY1 Resident
Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

Pharm D, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
BS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: When you first walk through Legacy doors, you immediately feel the welcoming nature from the employees and staff. Legacy Health truly cares about your well-being and who you genuinely are as a person. The residency program itself is designed to support your growth and evolution. Preceptors are both challenging yet encouraging to aid your development into a more proficient pharmacist.

Professional interests: Internal medicine, pediatrics, and ambulatory care

Personal interests: Film photography, art museums, music, hiking

Interesting fact: I have attended both the original AstroWorld amusement park and Travis Scott’s AstroWorld festival.

Email: svhernan@lhs.org


Odaisa Igwe PGY1 Resident
Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

Pharm D, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
BS, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: The people! I instantly felt welcome, and like part of the team. Although I was nervous during my interview, I felt comfortable and knew I had found the place for me. I have always dreamed of working in a children’s hospital and feel very grateful and honored to be a part of Legacy Health.

Professional interests: Pediatrics, critical care, emergency medicine and infectious diseases

Personal interests: Singing, dancing, hiking, food, movies, going to the beach and spending time with my family and friends.

Interesting fact: When I was little my Grandma would put my siblings and me on Ramblin Rod for our birthdays. I have been on the show many times, but I never won the smiling contest although all my siblings did.

Email: oigwe@lhs.org

Karen Seo PGY1 Resident
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Pharm D, Pacific University, Hillsboro, Oregon  

Hometown: Guam

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: Legacy has some of the most phenomenal preceptors! I had the amazing opportunity to experience Legacy as a pharmacy student during my rotations and every rotation was memorable. One of the things that stood out to me the most was that every pharmacist genuinely cared about their students and they were very passionate about teaching. In addition to outstanding pharmacists at Legacy, the residency program offers a very versatile structure with six different hospital locations with broad specialties.

Professional interests: Oncology, emergency medicine and critical care

Personal interests: I enjoy martial arts like Muay Thai (“art of eight limbs”) and Jiu Jitsu. My hobbies entail playing the piano, guitar, ukulele, saxophone, kalimba, and the flute. I also enjoy going on adventures and hikes.

Interesting fact: When I was in Korea, my mother forgot to confirm a flight reservation (Korean Air flight 801) back to Guam and our flight got delayed. The plane that we were originally supposed to be on crashed on August 6, 1997 (my birthday).

Email: kpseo@lhs.org


Charles (Charlie) Bodreau
PGY2 Ambulatory Care Resident 

PharmD, Pacific University SOP, Hillsboro, OR
PGY-1, Providence Health & Services, Portland, OR

Hometown: Estacada, OR

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program: Being able to gain exposure to a wide variety of pharmacist-managed disease states all while being a valuable member of the patient’s care team. I also really like how personable and welcoming everyone at Legacy has been – it really helps to build a strong professional and personal relationship with the pharmacists and providers you are working with every day.

Professional interests: Chronic disease state management, continuing education, precepting, professional advocacy 

Personal interests: Hiking, food tourism, music, playing with my cats

Interesting fact: I've been playing drums and singing since I was in elementary school - I always love a good karaoke session as well!

Email: cbodreau@lhs.org


Evelyn (Eva) Kisakye
PGY2 Ambulatory Care Resident 

PharmD Belmont University College of Pharmacy (2018)
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Cookeville Regional Medical Center (2019)

Hometown: Kampala, Uganda

Favorite part about Legacy’s program
: The are varied rotations/clinics and the preceptors care about the residents' personal and professional growth.

Professional/Research Interests: Healthcare disparities, cardiology, diabetes, precepting and teaching students

Personal Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, traveling, swimming, and hiking

Interesting fact
:  My name Eva is Kawa in Luganda which also means coffee. I do not drink coffee. I like all types of tea, including bubble tea.

Email: ekisakye@lhs.org

Jena Stallsmith
Infectious Diseases PGY2 Resident

Pharm D, MPA, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
PGY1: Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 

Mason City, Iowa

Favorite part about Legacy’s residency program:
I was drawn to Legacy Health for the ID PGY2 because it seemed like a great combination of my interest including both the clinical and the administrative side of ID. During my interviews, everyone I met was very genuine and welcoming. Throughout my time at Legacy I can already tell how dedicated the preceptors are to the success and growth of the residents. 

Professional Interests:
Antimicrobial stewardship and administration

Personal Interests:
Traveling, reading, running, and music.

Interesting fact:
I have stood in both the northern and southern hemispheres on the equator twice in my life.  In both Uganda and Ecuador.

: jstallsm@lhs.org