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The Legacy Research Institute

Petri Dish

Transforming Medical Care through Research

The translation of biomedical research findings to advance patient care is a core goal of the Legacy Research Institute. Research is the driving force underlying advances in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of medical conditions and diseases, as well as the basis for medical practices and procedures. The Legacy Research Institute provides the science, technology, and innovation that is transforming medical care.  

Our Goal

To improve the understanding, treatment and prevention of disease and medical conditions through transformational basic, translational, clinical, and outcomes research that serves our people, patients, communities, and world. 


The Legacy Research Institute (LRI) is a 67,000 sq-ft state-of-the art research facility where a wide range of research including preclinical, basic, clinical and clinical trials, medical outcomes, and surgical advances and training are conducted. LRI fosters a culture of innovation and creative collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and other scientists both within Legacy Health and beyond. Located on the Holladay Park campus in northeast Portland, LRI neighbors the Legacy Central Laboratories and the Unity Center for Behavioral Health.


At the core of LRI’s programs is a culture that embraces innovation and collaboration. Transdisciplinary research is supported and encouraged.  Researchers are free to interact and develop research ideas and to collaborate on projects, both within the Institute and outside. LRI researchers also have the availability of internal foundation support for pilot, developmental, and more exploratory projects that may provide preliminary data to be used for larger federal grant submissions. Therefore, the research programs can remain rather nimble, and researchers can pursue ideas that are more innovative. Overall, LRI provides a resource-rich environment that supports translational research that has direct application to improving patient care.

Joe Frascella, Ph.D.

"We have some extremely exciting science happening here at Legacy Research Institute and our programs embrace discovery, innovation, translation, and collaboration. Linking directly to Legacy’s vision of being essential to the health of the community, the goal is for our discoveries to help save lives and improve medical care."

- Joe Frascella, Ph.D., Vice President of Research

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