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ATOMS - Team training for scrubs

  • ATOMS testimonial

    "It [the course] was very well put together and it was a good learning experience. What can be better than learning in a controlled environment with skilled surgeons that respond to these emergencies on a daily basis. I found the course to be very informative and worthwhile."

    Registered Nurse, 2014

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Course location:

Legacy Research Institute
1225 NE 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

Course Overview:

With the little to no hands-on practical training and simulation opportunities there are in the area of scrubbing trauma surgery, the ATOMS course is designed to meet the need of such training for surgical trauma team members.

This course will train surgical technicians and RN scrub nurses in the fundamentals of first-scrubbing penetrating trauma surgery. It utilizes the Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) arena to complement surgeon training in a way that better simulates a real-life scenario. By training the RN's and surgeons as a team, both will be better prepared for handling true trauma in a real-life setting and thus lower mortality rates. Team training improves communication, overall efficiency, use of appropriate equipment, and staff awareness.

A well-trained scrub will anticipate the surgeon's needs and have supplies ready before being asked. This enables the surgeon to control a trauma situation faster and lead to better outcomes. It will also provide the scrub with the basic skills, knowledge, training and improved confidence in a trauma surgery situation.


A 4-hour didactic will be offered with a hands-on demonstration of common surgical instruments, supplies, and equipment. Following a lunch break, a 4-hour clinical simulation of real case scenarios and demonstration where the ATOMS student will first scrub during an ATOM course.

Goals and Objectives:

  • The RN/Scrub Tech trauma student will gain a better understanding of how to prepare for a traumatic surgical operation.
  • They will be able to anticipate needs of the surgeon and become familiar with the surgical repairs covered in the ACS ATOM course.
  • Learn basic surgical interaction with the surgeon during a trauma scenario.
  • Specialty topics covered include: cardiac, thoracic, vascular, and urology. RN/Scrub Tech students will have hands-on practice loading and handing off suture and stapling devices in both the didactic portion and surgical setting.
  • The course will provide an accurate simulation of trauma surgical procedures and improve skills and confidence of the student.


Additional questions, please contact:

Liliana Nelson
Surgical Training and Compliance Coordinator