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Advancements in trauma patient care

Trauma Care DevicesScientists at LRI have created many innovative devices that directly improve patient care, including a pelvic sling and a rib plating system. Both were developed in the Legacy Biomechanics Lab co-founded by Michael Bottlang, Ph.D.

The design and development of the pelvic sling began with a collaboration between Legacy research scientists and trauma surgeons. The device stabilizes pelvic fractures and limits internal bleeding in emergency situations following traumatic crushing injuries. The device was licensed to a local manufacturer and more than 100,000 are in use worldwide.

The rib plate system helps stabilize multiple bone fractures caused by major rib cage injury that can limit lung function, leading to death. The curved metal plates are attached to fractured bones during surgery to steady the ribs and spare the soft tissue of the lungs.

The design process included a comprehensive study to determine the average geometry of human ribs to allow for the proper fit for each plate. To date, more than 1,000 patients worldwide have benefited directly from this research.

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