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eDocTalk newsletter for Legacy physicians

August 2016

In a diverse world, we need to be talking

Anyone who has turned on a radio or television or picked up a newspaper lately knows that the world, especially in this political season, has been divisive. I’ve been thinking about it and wondering (to quote that age-old question), “Why we can’t we get along?” Read more>>

Physician input helps reach performance targets

Legacy’s participation in the Hospital Transformation Performance Program (HTPP) is a way to improve outcomes, and there are many ways Legacy providers have impacted the results. Reducing preventable readmissions through discharge planning is one such effort. Read more>>

Remembering former Legacy Emanuel neurosurgeon, Michael Dorsen, M.D.

(from Lewis Low, M.D.)

I knew Michael Dorsen, M.D., for more than a decade as a surgeon, a medical staff leader, and an ethical and professional colleague. However, it was only after his unexpected death, on July 4, that I learned much more about the man and his story. Read more>>

Legacy “firsts” bring new treatments and access to our community

Your Legacy colleagues are providing our patients with access to new cutting-edge procedures that benefit children, patients with difficult-to-heal wounds, and women with dense breasts or uterine fibroids. Read more>>

How do you experience wellness?

Legacy’s new Medical Staff Wellness Committee wants your input on the future of well-being activities. Take a brief survey and find out about how Legacy is addressing burnout. Read more>>

International Parkinson’s conference coming to Portland

Patients and providers are encouraged to attend the 4th World Parkinson Congress Sept. 20-23. This international conference offers programs for both clinicians and people with Parkinson’s disease, and reinforces efforts already underway here to support patients. Read more>>

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