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eDocTalk newsletter for Legacy physicians

December 2017

From Lewis Low, M.D.: A surgeon, a preacher and a four-star general walk into…

They start talking and realize they have one thing in common. What is it? (Hint: It’s written in stone.) To figure it out, read more >>

Finding the right fit for Legacy CEO takes time

The search to replace Legacy President and CEO George J. Brown, M.D., will extend into 2018, according to a recent update. Dr. Brown has committed to stay at the helm into the middle of next year, if needed. Read more>>

Legacy asks for “yes” vote on Measure 101 “provider tax”

Legacy providers and employees are being asked to vote “yes” on Measure 101 in January. While’s it’s highly unusual for Legacy to take a stand on political issues, this measure will protect Medicaid coverage for Oregonians, including children, through a hospital tax. Read more>>

Despite national trends, Legacy focuses on improving physician engagement

Meet Heather Parks-Huitron, Legacy’s new program director for physician engagement. She brings years of experience to this position and understands the importance of keeping engagement front and center as a strategic priority. Read more>>

Will local law enforcement arrest Legacy nurses?

Coverage of the Utah nurse arrested for refusing to perform a blood draw created media frenzy, but more importantly, raised questions about how to manage these situations. Legacy has already worked with local law enforcement to ensure there is agreement in similar circumstances. Read more>>

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