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eDocTalk article

Bring your patient’s information into your office

September 2013

Health information exchange (HIE) makes health care information electronically accessible across entities within an organization, hospital system, community or region.

Even though many health care systems in our community use electronic health records, health care professionals in one organization are not always able to view an electronic record from a different organization.

Real-time data sharing

Legacy’s HIE technology makes it possible for dissimilar electronic health records to share data — in real time, right at the point of patient care.

Our new technology platform makes patient information sharing easy, without compromising confidentiality, and expands your access to a network of like-minded providers (including those that are not traditionally on a patient’s care team, such as dentists and mental health professionals). Participating in Legacy’s HIE makes it possible for you to know as much about your patients as their health insurance company does.


Better information

Better care

Better technology

• Share info in real time between hospitals, health systems, providers and labs with full audit trail review.

• Instant, secure access to medical records: patient visits, problems, family history, vital signs, medications, lab results, immunization records, allergies and procedures.

• Aggregated patient health history, across all locations in our HIE network.

• Reduced medical errors and duplicated tests, prescriptions and procedures.

• Eliminates manual processing: printing, scanning, fax, courier, rekeying, online portal lookup, phone verifications, turnaround time and labor costs.

• Expands the breadth of providers within a health information exchange.

• You choose what data you share (includes standardized data options). Your data are held locally in your system.

• High-quality security and audit capabilities.

• Enabled electronic interoperability between providers, hospitals, labs, payers and other health care industry stakeholders.

• Operates on Health Level 7 (HL7) — the leading international standard for data exchange between health care computer systems.

There is currently a wait list for partnering practices to be added to our HIE network. If you would like to be added to this list, or learn more, please contact Legacy IS Service Desk, 503-415-5888.

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