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An electronic health record that supports your practice

If you are looking for an electronic health record to support the care of your patients everywhere, to improve the continuity of care and ensure you have a one record for your patient that you can see everywhere, we have a solution: Legacy Epic for Affiliated Providers (LEAP).

Epic's Enterprise Connect Accredited logo, 2017With LEAP, your practice becomes a partner with Legacy Health in offering Epic, the industry leader in integrated electronic health records and ambulatory office management systems. LEAP combines the Epic electronic health record with the Epic scheduling and billing products, providing you with a fully integrated Epic solution.

As your partner, we collaborate with you in developing quality care through metrics, best practices, quality outcomes, risk stratification and dashboards.


The LEAP Relationship

LEAP isn't just a technology product offering. You are a clinical partner for us, and we have a stake in your satisfaction and success. Among the benefits:
  • You get a health care partner at your side on all things Epic.
  • We are also at your side to help you take advantage of the enhancements in Epic that Legacy has made and benefit from the broader Epic community across the world in your specialty.
  • You are better prepared for the changes in health care, with support in risk stratification, analytics and population health management.
  • You can improve the continuity of care for your patients with one health record. Includes hospital information as well as data from other connected clinics/EHRs.
  • You are able to benefit for Legacy Health’s investment in Epic and our support infrastructure around Epic for your practice.

See a complete list of features of LEAP.

Dedicated support

Legacy has a team to set up LEAP on your schedule. Our team will train your staff, and –– if needed –– help you migrate data from your current system. We take a partnership approach in our support, with:

  • Two weeks of onsite support at your go live; two additional weeks of direct access
  • 24/7 service desk support for technical and workflow questions
  • Local support, all certified as Epic analysts
See a complete list of our support.


Bringing technology and health care together

The combination of Legacy Health and Epic offers advantages for your practice.

  • Legacy is a significant client of Epic, giving us the ability to leverage Epic resources in ways smaller clients cannot.
  • Unlike a technology provider, Legacy knows and understands the “business” of health care; we partner with LEAP clients to help them on a broader scale, such as workflow management, to help them optimize the EHR.
  • LEAP provides technology solutions that lead to improvements in clinical practice, without additional manual work.

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Questions? 971-352-5677, 503-413-6644 or SLEAHY@LHS.ORG