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Mobile Med

Legacy MobileMed

Legacy is committed to serving health professionals, at their desks and on the go. Legacy Health MobileMed is a free smart phone application for clinical staff to access Legacy Lab Services and the Test Table.

Test table at your fingertips

MobileMed provides streamlined access to more than 1,300 Legacy Laboratory Service tests, complete with collection and handling requirements. Users can search the tests alphabetically or by department, order supplies, or call client services, courier dispatch or billing with a tap of a button.

Legacy Laboratory Services offers an extensive test menu of highly complex and unique medical tests, point-to-point specimen tracking, 24/7 electronic access to reports and local pathologists, billing services and client assistance.

For questions about a specific lab test, please call 1-877-270-5566 Legacy MobileMed

To download MobileMed

Follow these download instructions to get the free Legacy MobileMed smart phone application for your Android or iPhone/iPad. The content is written for quick reference, for educational purposes only; please read the disclaimer before use.

  • If you have feedback or questions about MobileMed, please email us.