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Quintin Robertson Rice Fund for Neuro-regeneration

Quintin Robertson Rice Fund for Neuro-regeneration

Family PhotoA generous start

Established with a generous contribution of $100,000 from Dale and Beverly Rice, the Quintin Robertson Rice Fund for Neuro-regeneration supports research of the Dow Neurobiology Laboratory at the Legacy Research Institute in neuro-regeneration following traumatic brain injury (TBI) to develop new treatments.

Read Quintin’s story here.

The need for this important work

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 85,000 Americans become disabled each year from TBI. While the immediate hours following TBI might be crucial for long-term outcome, neuroprotective strategies targeting this narrow time window are limited. And, current rehabilitation strategies are limited because they do not directly promote brain repair.

Groundbreaking research

The Dow Neurobiology Lab at the Legacy Research Institute is creating a global consortium with the very best and brightest scientific minds to develop treatments that can provide lasting improvements in function for patients using a new technology to reprogram the brain in order to restore its own capacity to self-repair. Part of the research will focus on adenosine, which is a naturally occurring molecule that has been consistently shown to promote a healthful neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory environment when abundant.

Our goal

Within five years, these highly gifted researchers plan to have a therapeutic intervention that will provide improvement following a severe TBI. The proposed intervention will not only be of value for the treatment of patients after a TBI, but also for those suffering from stroke or a neurodegenerative condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

You can help reverse the effects of TBI

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