Clinics help those on blood thinners

What is anticoagulation?

The type of drugs that work to prevent blood clotting are called anticoagulants. These medicines can help with serious health problems. However, they also carry some possible side effects. To learn more, search our health library for "anticoagulation" or "blood thinner." 

Legacy offers special clinics where pharmacists and nurses do blood tests and adjust doses for adults and children who take these meds. We work with your doctor or provider to give you the best anticoagulant treatment, while cutting down on the risk for side effects.

Our services

  • Point-of-care (finger-stick) international normalized ratio (INR) testing
  • Medication adjustment
  • Supervision for effectiveness and side effects
  • Education
  • Help manage anticoagulant therapy around surgery or other procedures
  • Screening and counseling about food-drug and drug-drug interaction


To use our service, please have a referral from a doctor affiliated with Legacy. Your doctor should provide:
  • Completed Legacy referral form (see the form below)
  • Current medication list, including your anticoagulant dosing history
  • Current medical problem list


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