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Immediate Burn Care Checklist

One-Look Checklist for Immediate Care of the Burned Patient

Are there any facial, airway inhalation injuries present or suspected?

If so, is the airway secured?

Provide oxygen for all burns.

Calculate the total burned surface area and fluid needs using Parkland Formula.

Start at least one IV site; two IV sites for burns greater than 20 percent

Start Lactated Ringers based on the Parkland Formula.

Monitor distal pulses on any burns that are circumferential in nature, i.e. arms, hands, feet, legs. Monitor circumferential chest burns for adequate ventilation.

Insert a Foley catheter to monitor urine output. If output less than 30 ml per hour, increase fluids by 1/3. If output more than 30 ml per hour decrease fluids by 1/3.

Remove all jewelry and clothing.

Remove all wet/cool packs, keep patient warm and dry. Room temperature may need to be raised.

Contact the Oregon Burn Center as needed at 503-413-4232, 1-888-598-4232 for questions or to transfer a patient.

See the Oregon Burn Center Transfer Sheet.