Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. Cancer clinical trials are designed to answer questions about new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer. They might also help to better manage symptoms of cancer.
If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are interested in learning about clinical trials available at Legacy Health, please speak with your doctor. It’s important that you understand the various treatment options that might be available to you. Here’s why:

  • Clinical trials may only be available at certain locations
  • You might be a possible candidate for a clinical trial, so it's important to have a doctor who is part of a cancer program or health care system that offers trials

Open clinical trials

Below are some of the Legacy Cancer Institute trials open to patients. If you are interested in participating in a trial, talk with your doctor or contact Legacy Oncology Clinical Research for more information.

Breast cancer

SWOG S1207: This trial is studying whether a drug called Everolimus makes hormone therapy more effective at delaying or preventing cancer recurrence. Eligible patients must be prescribed hormone therapy for ER/PR positive breast cancer and be at high risk for recurrence. Everolimus or placebo is provided by a pharmaceutical partner.

SWOG S1200: The purpose of this trial is to determine whether acupuncture can reduce joint pain or stiffness caused by aromatase inhibitors. Eligible participants must be taking an AIfor early stage breast cancer. All participants will receive a voucher for 10 free acupuncture visits 6 months after the trial.

NSABP B51: The purpose of this trial is to find out whether radiation therapy that includes the lymph node area is more effective than standard radiation therapy in treating women with breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes. For this study, women must have positive lymph nodes at diagnosis and must complete chemotherapy before surgery. Lymph nodes must be negative after chemotherapy at the time of surgery.

Brain cancer

  • Legacy Cancer Institute has a number of open trials for patients with brain tumors, including these listed below. Ask your doctor if you qualify.
  • Patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma multforme
  • Patients in whom glioblastoma multiforme has recurred (come back)
  • Patients with low-grade gliomas
  • Patients with metastatic brain disease, or cancers from other parts of the body that have spread to the brain

Prostate cancer

Legacy Cancer Institute offers clinical trials for prostate cancer patients, including the one described here. Ask your doctor if you qualify for this one or others.

SWOG S1216: This is a Phase III trial comparing the effectiveness of two hormone treatments, Androgen Deprivation Therapy plus TAK-700 (Orteronel) with Androgen Deprivation Therapy plus Bicalutamide. This study is for patients newly diagnosed with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer which has spread and are either beginning hormone therapy for the first time or have been on hormone therapy for less than 30 days. TAK-700 provided by a pharmaceutical partner.

Legacy Cancer Institute offers additional trials for cancer patients. Search all clinical trials.