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Heart services

Middle school healthy hearts

Bring "healthy hearts" to your school

If you are a teacher or educator, here is a program that you can bring to your school to helps kids learn to save lives - even their own. 

The Middle School Healthy Hearts Program brings nurses along with paramedics and firefighters into your middle school to teach students how to keep their hearts healthy and to teach them life-saving skills to help others.  

We will also offer to train teachers in your school so that they can teach the courses to more students. “We really want this program to matter,” says Jennifer Stafford, R.N., a Legacy nurse educator with the program. “We have taken input from teachers to make sure we are offering this information in a style that middle school kids really like.”

The program has two lessons

Healthy Hearts: “A Campaign for the Next Generation,” which teaches healthy heart lifestyle and risk factor information 

Hands-Only CPR: “What You Need to Know to Save a Life,” which teaches students to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what to do when someone is in cardiac arrest. It also teaches them how to perform hands-on CPR.

Invite us to your school

If you would like to have the program come to your school, please fill out the form below. 

We will then send a Legacy nurse educator to present the healthy heart lesson to your students. The lesson features a fun, graphic presentation and engaging class activities. 

For the second lesson on heart attack signs and hands-only CPR, we send a nurse educator and/or a local firefighter or paramedic. Local firefighters attend the session to help students with the hands-only CPR skills training.

Rosemont Middle School

Train-the-trainer to reach more kids

After the initial visit, we invite your health teachers to our train the trainer sessions. After attending one of these sessions, a teacher can teach the Healthy Hearts lessons without having to schedule the nurse educator. When teachers who have experienced the program attend the train-the-trainer sessions, it allows more scheduling flexibility for providing the class within each school calendar.

The train-the-trainer session provides the science and teaching techniques behind the material of each lesson. We provide an annotated PowerPoint presentation and updates when new science is available. Also, teachers involved in train-the-trainer become part of a larger network of teachers who will provide input for program upgrades.

Research shows success

The Middle School Healthy Hearts Program has had measurable success. Research shows that among the kids who have completed the program, many have increased their exercise, cut back on TV and computer time, and reduced the number of sugary drinks they consume.  

We have also trained thousands of young people how to perform hands-only CPR in the event of cardiac arrest. Join us in teaching your middle school students not only how to prevent heart disease in their own lives, but also how to become a lifesaver. 

Call 503-692-7656 for more information. 

Healthy Hearts Middle School Program Request Form

Please fill out this form and submit to request a trainer to come out and teach our Middle School Heart Healthy program at your school.

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