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A team effort to treat stroke

Our stroke team and specialized stroke units provide efficient, coordinated care aimed at the best possible outcomes. From the emergency room and intensive care unit through treatment and rehabilitation, every effort is made to help our patients recover as fully as possible.

Legacy stroke teams are cooperating groups of specialized professionals:

  • Stroke Team Registered Nurse: Specially trained to act as the team leader to coordinate the work of the entire team
  • Physician: Supervises and cares for medical problems related to the stroke. One doctor is designated the primary doctor or attending physician. This doctor may be a neurologist (a specialist in the brain or nervous system), neurosurgeon, internal medicine specialist or family physician.
  • Physical Therapist: Determines which exercises will best maintain strength and function and assists in overcoming any losses
  • Occupational Therapist: Teaches patients the skills that promote independence
  • Speech Language Pathologist: Assists in overcoming speech, language and swallowing disorders
  • Pharmacist: Reviews and coordinates the use of all medications, especially those used for stroke treatment
  • Dietitian: Helps patients and caregivers plan meals to help with weight control, cholesterol levels or any other concerns with diet, swallowing or eating
  • Clinical Resource Coordinator: Plans for discharge to ensure the proper levels of support and works with Legacy and other providers to meet rehabilitation needs