Genetic Assessment & Counseling

Praise from our Patients
"We were so scared and to see the compassion in your eyes means more than words can say...You will always hold a place in our hearts."
Robyn, Patient of Legacy Medical Group-Maternal Fetal Medicine

Genetic assessment and counseling during pregnancy

Legacy Maternal-Fetal Medicine offers complete genetic assessment and counseling services. Our genetic counselors will make sure that you are fully informed of the identifiable risk factors involved with your pregnancy.

Who should consider prenatal genetic counseling

  • Women aged 35 and older
  • Women who have had abnormal results from prenatal screening tests
  • Women concerned about an exposure, such as medications or infection, during pregnancy
  • Couples with a family history of a genetic condition
  • Couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages
  • Couples who have experienced infertility
  • Women who are known carriers of a genetic condition

Your genetic counselor will explain:

  • The risk of fetal abnormalities and further testing options
  • The chromosome abnormality, birth defect or genetic condition of concern
  • The factors involved in decisions about carrier or prenatal testing

If you choose to undergo testing, your genetic counselor will:

  • Coordinate the tests within Legacy Health
  • Communicate the test results to you and your referring physician
  • Provide resources and educational materials
  • Help you make the best decision for your family

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