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Prenatal Screening

You may choose to have a screening test to assess your baby's risk for a problem. Screening tests can generally be performed with no risk to a pregnancy. Legacy Maternal-Fetal Medicine offers screening tests that include ultrasound, blood tests and an examination of your personal and family history.

Screening is not diagnosis

It's important to understand that prenatal screening to assess risk is different from prenatal diagnosis. A screening test is not a diagnosis, and will never identify 100% of babies with a problem.

First trimester screening

This optional screening is available for all pregnant women. It utilizes an early ultrasound and maternal blood draw to screen for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. Learn more. 

Second trimester screening (or quad screen)

This maternal blood test is used to screen for Down syndrome, Trisomy 18 and Spina Bifida in the second trimester. 

Carrier screening

Carrier screening can help families learn about inherited genetic conditions that could affect their children's health. Learn more about carrier screening options.

Cystic fibrosis carrier testing

This is blood test looks for the most common forms of the gene change that can indicate cystic fibrosis. If the test shows the mother is a carrier, her partner would be offered testing. If the partner is also a carrier, more tests would be needed to find out whether the baby actually has CF. Learn more about cystic fibrosis carrier testing.

Ultrasound screening

Ultrasound is used throughout pregnancy to get detailed pictures of your fetus and the surrounding structures. 

We offer expertise in ultrasound as well as other pre-natal screening, and in various pregnancy complications. To schedule an ultrasound screening, ask your obstetrician or primary care doctor for a referral.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer diagnostic tests that can specifically discover if a fetus has a certain problem such as Down syndrome. We can test for many things besides Down syndrome, but these specific tests are reserved for those couples that have a known risk for the specific condition.

New tests available

We now offer a new non-invasive prenatal screening test for Down syndrome and other conditions. The test uses cell-free DNA technologies analyzing information contained in maternal blood and can be performed as early as 11 weeks gestation.

We also now offer non-invasive screening to determine fetal RhD status.

The list of conditions detectable through non-invasive screening will likely increase over time. Please check back and speak with your doctor about any advances in this technology.

If you are interested in learning more about new non-invasive or other testing options, please ask your OB provider to refer you to one of our genetic counselors at LMG - Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Please call us at 503-413-1122 if your provider needs help making this referral.