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"We wanted to express our appreciation for the AMAZING BLOODLESS TREATMENT PROGRAM. In short, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, you get a SOLID 10. The atmosphere you guys have created is beyond words, the interaction with us, Kevin, and the surgical team was AMAZING. The team you have, is not only highly skilled in performing surgeries and other medical stuff, but they excel in people skills as well, something not often seen and definitely not to the degree we experienced. You have raised the bar for medical treatment and we hope other hospitals will follow your lead. So in short, we just really wish to thank all who helped in Kevin's medical treatment. We are thrilled at the outcome, and would heartily recommend this hospital, Doctors, and staff to anyone who has to undergo Medical treatment. Thank you again for making this a pleasant experience." The Sisseck's

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"There are so many people to thank, we have tried to express our thanks as we were going, and yet, we feel so indebted to each of you. Words just can't describe how we feel. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks goes to Legacy and their Bloodless Surgery center. Also to the amazing staff of Nurses, CNA's, Housekeeping crew, transport department, volunteers, Green Gables Guest House, and everyone that makes Legacy work. We were treated so wonderfully." K. Salter

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"Thank you f or your comfort and encouragement during my knee replacement. Everything went so smoothly the Dr. Baskin has given me back my life. He told us it was one of the worst knees he has seen. I am so grateful I went through with the bloodless surgery program ." Orpha

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"The Bloodless Surgery Program is a real blessing and very reassuring at a scary time but with all the great care it was as close to a spa day as possible!" Jensina