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The DIEP Flap breast reconstruction procedure

DIEP Flap ( deep inferior epigastric perforators ) is a surgical technique that uses your own tissue for breast reconstruction.

After a mastectomy, fat and skin from your abdomen is used to create a new breast. No abdominal muscle will be cut or moved, but an artery and vein will be moved to supply the transplanted tissue with blood. Most women have enough extra tissue in their tummy area to create a new breast. If not, a small implant can be placed under your tissue flap to create the breast size that you want.
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If you are thinking about breast reconstruction, consider seeing Legacy Medical Group–Reconstructive Surgery before having mastectomy surgery. Our plastic surgeons can give you a range of choices, help you save breast skin, and prevent unnecessary scars. Call 503-413-4992 to find out more about your options.