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Fresh Start for the Family

Randall Children’s Diabetes and Endocrine Center has a vision to help your child be healthy and active.  We promote eating well and getting regular active time for kids as a way to reduce overweight and obesity.  Living healthy is a way to reduce other health conditions that can occur along with being overweight or obese, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver, heart disease and depression.

Our clinic strives to improve the quality of life of children and teens that are overweight or obese.

Join our expert dietitian/nutritionist for a Fresh Start and learn healthier ways to eat, cook and how to make movement fun for the whole family.  Sample nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods and enjoy time with other families working towards the same goal.

The Randall Children’s Fresh Start Program is a series of 4-weekly visits, followed by 3 & 6-month follow-up visits with a physician and registered dietitian. Classes focus on motivating kids to adopt healthier behaviors.  During the 2-hour sessions, the child and the primary caregiver will learn information on nutrition, exercise, & quick, healthy meals and snacks.

Each class series will consist of:

  • Healthier living and nutrition led by a registered dietitian/nutritionist
  • Active time to learn about movement, activity, and easy exercise tips
  • Learning how to prepare, plan and cook nutritious meals & snacks

To join, please have your primary care physician send a referral to the Randall Children’s Diabetes & Endocrine Center Referral Coordinator by fax to 503-413-1915.

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