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Kids: Let's get moving

Blaze clapsWe all need to move, especially kids and young people. 

Legacy Health and the Portland Trail Blazers have teamed up for Fit Month to help everyone move toward being fit and happy.

Kids need to move an hour a day

That’s right, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that children and adolescents should do an hour or more of physical activity each day.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t, um, sweat it. We have some tips.

Find a way to get out and play

To help your young people:
Take them to places such as parks, fields, courts and trails
Give them equipment that encourages physical activity
Be positive about any sport or activity your child does
Try to make sure they do a mix of exercises that build lungs (running, brisk walking), muscles (push-ups, climbing) and bones (jumping, hop-scotch)

Blaze gives a bump

It’s good for you to get moving too

Make it a group activity that is good for all: 

Be active yourself
Make physical activity part of your family's routine –– family walks or active games instead of TV and screens
Make it fun, whether structured or not. Hiking, swimming, dancing or just playing chase, they all count! 

These tips were adapted from the CDC. The CDC also has some helpful guidelines on exercise for children and people of all ages.