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Emanuel 100

  1. A Bright Future

    A proud exciting future.

    We have a proud history and are planning for the future with an expansive remodel to better care for the community.

    Well known as a medical center with around-the-clock expertise for critical health conditions, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center features specialists in virtually every field of medicine. Learn More.

    Improvements for specialized care

    The remodel, already under way, will bring state-of-the-art improvements to the hospital. Many rooms are being remodeled to give them enough space for advanced equipment. Plus, the hospital will offer more space for emergency patients and new, highly specialized intensive care units for heart and neurological-trauma patients.

    Additionally, we are making the hospital more comfortable for patients and their families. Waiting areas will feature living space, conference rooms and health care research rooms with Internet connections.

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  3. Events

    Celebrating our achievements 

    Legacy Emanuel Medical Center celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012 with a series of events. Here are some highlights:

    Online contest winners

    We sought stories from people whose lives had been touched by Legacy Emanuel. See the winners here of our "Born @," Saved @" and "Trained @" online contest.

    Oregon History Museum display

    Legacy Emanuel has been central to the health and growth of the region for a century. Fittingly, the Oregon Historical Society recognized our 100th anniversary at the Oregon History Museum with the exhibit 100 Years at Legacy Emanuel. The exhibit ran in late 2012.