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Nurse, dad and road warrior racks up the miles with bike commute

Adam Wright and sonA man with two kids under three is not who you might expect is racking up 5,000 – 7,000 miles a year on his bike. But Legacy's Adam Wright makes it happen by bike commuting about three days a week to his job at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel where he works as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department. "You gotta find a way to work it into your daily life," he says. "It's imperative." By the way, he lives in Oregon City. That's about 20 miles each way.

"You gotta find a way to work it into your daily life," -- Adam Wright

Wright also rides recreationally too and recently joined some coworkers and friends this year in distributing food and clothing informally to the homeless before Christmas. He plans to make that an annual event.'

The 38-year-old says riding through the inclement weather is just a matter of "acceptance" of the weather in the Northwest. He says he's got all the appropriate clothing for winter and summer including waterproof pants and shoe covers which keep him drier and warmer – but he warns nothing is truly waterproof. And since in the winter, it is dark on both ends of his dayshift commute, he lights himself up "like a Christmas tree" to stay safe.'

Wright just returned from paternity leave and has a 2.5-year-old boy and a 17 week old girl at home.'

Though his friend and coworker Jose Ceballos has been a little busy too with twins, the pair plan to keep on cycling. They completed the 206 mile Seattle to Portland ride in one day last summer. Wright says, "It was tons of fun! Riding is a passion of mine and many others.

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