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Number cruncher by day, weight lifter by night

Alyssa Wiseman crunches numbers for a living. She's a cancer data management tech for Legacy Health and helps track statistics that are given to the government's cancer registry. She's also a statistical anomaly herself –– because she's one of the few people who has actually stuck with her New Year's resolution for an entire year.

Wiseman began lifting weights in January of last year. She was encourage by her fiancé and works out about three to four times a week at a gym doing basic routines and rotating parts of her body, things like squats and lunges. She says that the new weight-lifting routine has made her feel healthier and stronger than ever. And she says that because she feels better physically, she also feels better emotionally and mentally.

She's also gluten free and has been since 2007. She says she tried it because a few family members had Celiac disease or were gluten intolerant. She now has discovered quinoa and eats lots of fruits, veggies and dairy instead of gluten-free products.

Wiseman and her fiancé also enjoy snowboarding and she's hopeful our winter will bring a better ski season in 2015. Her favorite place to snowboard is Mt. Baker since she and her fiancé grew up north of Seattle in Marysville.

When she's a "desk jockey" instead of on the slopes, Wiseman uses a standup desk to keep her moving.

"Try and stick out whatever you are trying to do ... it will become a lifestyle" -- Alyssa Wiseman

The 27-year-old's advice for others is to "try and stick out whatever you are trying to do." Wiseman says that eventually "it will become a lifestyle."

Would you like to share your healthy habits in social media with us? Try these hash tags: #HealthySelfie and #LivingMyLegacy.