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Hiking is the best medicine

Ashley CondrayAshley Condray and her husband recently took the hike of a lifetime. The pair hiked more than 100 miles of the John Muir Trail in California over seven days in August 2015. That's about 15 miles a day. The trail runs from Yosemite to Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the Lower 48.

"It was an amazing experience and the most challenging thing we've ever done," Condray said. 

Condray, 36, has worked at Legacy Health for about 10 years with a break in between. She began in the radiology film library in 2000 to 2003 and moved away, returning in 2008. She currently works in imaging support.

Ashley Condray: It was an amazing experience Condray and her husband trained running the stairs of their local high school in Oregon City to get ready for the big hike. They even ran the stairs wearing heavy packs to prepare for the trip.

"We have kids and it is really hard to do any training," she said, but train they did on the stairs and on local hikes to the Columbia Gorge with the kids.

But the hike was cut short by smoke from last summer's wildfires and so the pair plans to try again this summer.

"We are going to start right where we left off," she said. That means they'll cover a little over 100 miles more to reach the end of the trail.

Her advice for better health? "Getting outdoors is the best medicine," Condray said.

Photos courtesy Ashley Condray: Duck Pass trail 10,171 feet (left) Squaw Lake at 10,296 feet (right). 

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