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If you live in Hawaii, how can you not be healthy?

Jan Gwin plans to continue diving in retirementTwo years ago, just before her 60th birthday, Jan Gwin was diagnosed with lymphoma. But she had a big diving trip planned for that landmark birthday, and her doctor let her go. "I'm a nurse and I have to say that chemo was not a fun time had by all, but all my checks since finishing treatment have been 'no evidence of disease' and I decided that I wouldn't put my life on hold," she says looking back.

Though her doctor had her take two doses of chemo before she left, and a hurricane forced a change in location, she still managed to go on her dive trip and then returned home and continued her treatment.

Gwin is now looking forward to retirement with her partner B.J. who retired one year ahead of her last year. They plan to move to Hawaii where they are about to close on a condo this spring. "The diving is pretty amazing there," she said. They fell in love with the state years ago, and after some sticker shock, discovered they could afford a condo on the Big Island. It all came together one morning over pancakes at a breakfast place when they picked up a brochure and before they knew it, they were making an offer and buying a storage shed. 

She's been working at Legacy since 1987.

Jan Gwin says she decided not to put her life on hold.

She says for her good health means "staying in good enough shape to do the things you want to do." She says the fresh fruits, vegetables and fish of Hawaii make it a "panacea" of good health. "If you live in Hawaii, how can you not be healthy?" she laughs.

In retirement, she plans to continue with her love of photography both in and out of the water and continue bird watching.

Gwin says she considers that she is healthy "as long as I can keep diving, picture taking, enjoy books and lovely scenery."

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