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It's never too late to learn something new

Six years ago, when Jana Brott became a manager of Infection Prevention and Control at Legacy, she realized she needed to find balance. “Work was slowly becoming 95 percent of my life,” she said. “I wanted to take back the things I loved as a kid.” 

"I wanted to take back the things I loved as a kid," -- Jana Brott

So far, she’s “taken back” a whole host of sports that you might associate more with an 11-year-old boy than a 33-year-old woman. “I feel like I’m 60 at work, so it all balances out,” she said laughing.

Brott goes indoor rock climbing a few times a week, she’s taken up classical piano, studied ballet with the Oregon Ballet Theater for the past two years, taken skateboarding and snowboarding lessons, all because she believes in balance.
And it isn’t just sports that she’s embraced. “I enjoy physical activities, but I’ve realized that good health is so much more than physical fitness … Playing classical piano is just as important to me.” 

Jana Brott - pianoBrott was inspired to return to classical piano one night while at a concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Auditorium. She was watching the 10 Grands concert and heard the Vancouver pianist Barbara Roberts play a Chopin piece that brought her to tears. She contacted Roberts about lessons, but Roberts told her that she only taught children. But Roberts said she’d be willing to hear her play and so Brott auditioned for her. “It was terrible,” she said, “I was so nervous.” But Brott was taken on by Roberts and now she’s the only adult taking lessons from her. “We’ve become great friends and I often play on her Steinways at her house,” she said. Brott says she’s used to taking classes with kids.

Brott finds inspiration and companionship from friends and family. She says there isn’t anything she’s learned in the last few years that she’s learned on her own and she credits friends or family for either teaching her or taking lessons with her.
She keeps a busy calendar. “The more I work, the more I need to play,” she said. She said that she’s drawn to extreme sports in particular because her phone and work worries can’t distract her.

Brott’s advice to others is “don’t be afraid to learn new things.” She says she even got her mom on a skateboard recently. “She’s in her 60s and she did fine,” she said.

“It’s never too late to start something new and never too late to learn from other people,” -- Jana Brott.

As an example, Brott shared the story of talking with a friend about wanting to learn how to ride a shorter skateboard instead of the easier longboard-style skateboard. She says her friend agreed enthusiastically and they both went out and bought shortboards that very day and soon began taking lessons and checking out indoor skate parks. 

“It’s never too late to start something new and never too late to learn from other people,” Brott said.

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