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'I feel stinking great'

LeFebre (left) and friend DianaNikkiel LeFebre is a busy student, mom and med/surgical nurse, working the night shift at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center for the past two years.

When a friend at work, Lilly Jeffs, heard her complain about her frustrations keeping fit, Jeffs suggested a few workout options. LeFebre said she was willing to pick up running, and the two started a buddy system that they've continued since July 2015.

LeFebre, 30, says she gained 15 pounds almost instantly after turning 30 despite not changing her diet or exercise. But after three times a week running, twice with her buddy and once on her own, she's seen her body fat and waist shrink. 

When she runs solo, she runs to work from home in Troutdale, grabs a drink at the drinking fountain at Legacy Mount Hood and heads home, about six miles.

Nikkiel with running buddy Lilly Jeffs

The pair go straight from work at 7:30 a.m., changing into their workout gear right after their shift, and jumping on a nearby trail. They run six miles each time and are planning on adding another couple of miles soon. Jeffs then heads to CrossFit and LeFebre heads home to her 6-year-old daughter.

She says that good health for her means making conscious decisions about diet and exercise. "I think that getting outdoors with loved ones and taking advantage of the natural beauty we are surrounded with while exercising is key not only physical, but spiritual wellness."

"I think that getting outdoors with loved ones and taking advantage of the natural beauty we are surround with while exercising is key  not only physical, but spiritual wellness." -- Nikkiel LeFebre

LeFebre says the two don't let each other down. "Our motto is, 'never cancel on me and I'll never cancel on you,'" she said. Since they see each other at work, they can encourage one another to "stick with it."

LeFebre says her workout buddy has made her feel "stinking great" about herself.

"She helped change my life," LeFebre said.

Top left: LeFebre (left) at the Shamrock Run with her friend Diana Browning. The pair work at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center.

Bottom right: LeFebre (right) with running buddy Lilly Jeffs, another work friend.

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