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True to her name, Duck rides on, rain or shine

Susan DuckIn 2008, Susan Duck, who had been a bike commuter her whole life, had a new bike in her living room. But when cellulitis in her neck landed her in the ICU in December 2014, taking on the challenge of a week-long bike ride seemed next to impossible. 

But by the fall, Susan took part in her first Cycle Oregon ride, riding 40–60 miles a day for a total of more than 300 miles. 

Susan Duck, Cycle Oregon

She trained for the ride by getting up early mornings and putting in 60 miles around Portland on the weekends. She was sometimes joined by friends, but recalls one bailed out on her in heavy rain and took the MAX home. But she was undaunted, "I'm a disciplined person, I like to be prepared," so she continued her training rain or shine, figuring that if it rained during Cycle Oregon, she'd still have to keep going. 

The genesis of choosing to participate in Cycle Oregon came from a kayaking trip to Baja she took with her husband. She met the others on the boat during the Nature Conservancy Trip. Several women, older than she was, said they'd be doing Cycle Oregon in the coming year even though none of them actually lived in the state. And sure enough, the women from Seattle, Ohio and Washington all flew out and joined her at the start of the ride. 

Susan DuckHer advice to others is to have support and to break down the goal like you would training for a marathon or half marathon. She says she thinks of a half marathon like two six mile runs, for example. 

Duck has worked at Legacy since 1997 and works in a lab at Legacy Good Samaritan but will be soon to the new Central Lab opens later in 2016. 

The 52-year-old continues to bike commute and says the key is having the right gear and secure parking. She encourages her daughter to bike commute as well to dance lessons.  Duck recently organized a 5K run at her daughter's school. 

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