Legacy's community outreach

Being a good neighbor

Legacy's Good Samaritan and Emanuel Medical Centers, located in dense inner city areas, have each agreed to discuss any construction projects with local neighborhood associations. Both send their Security Department patrols through the surrounding neighborhoods, and Good Samaritan makes its parking structures available to residents at night and on weekends. Legacy Emanuel employees have pitched in to revitalize Dawson Park, which has seen a steep drop in police incidents.

Employer Commute Option Collaboration (ECO): Legacy Emanuel and Good Samaritan collaborate with local companies to help all parties meet federal requirements to reduce commuter miles. These collaborations are considered models by the City of Portland.

Offering health education

Each year more than 10,000 people attend Legacy's classes, forums and support groups on parenting and pregnancy, various diseases, healthy lifestyles and caregiving.

Legacy puts on free annual health and safety fairs at each of its hospitals, offering thousands of parents and kids both education and fun.  Legacy also provides first aid at many community events. 

More than 2,000 people each year attend Legacy's free or inexpensive prevention and early detection screenings for glaucoma, prostate and skin cancer, and women's heart issues.

Supporting diversity

Legacy Health places a high priority on building a culture that values diversity in how we work with each other, how we deliver care, how we partner with our community and how we do business. Learn more about diversity at Legacy.