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Legacy in the News: Woman loses hand but keeps her positive attitude

Wednesday, January 29, Joan Zuber went to check on the battery on her truck, but things took a turn when she struggled to get the hood lowered. As she struggled with the spring, it suddenly released and trapped her right hand.

Zuber was alone on her property in Molalla and unable to get herself free. She marched in place in an attempt to stay warm as temperatures dropped overnight. It was 18 hours before neighbors discovered Zuber after hearing her soft cries for help. Emergency crews flew her immediately to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

Surgeons had to amputate Zuber’s hand, but she still has her sense of humor and tough spirit. When asked if she was left or right handed, Zuber laughed and responded, “Well, I’m left handed now.”

Zuber told KGW it will be a transition learning a new way to do things but she doesn’t think it will slow her down. She hopes to eventually return to her favorite activities like horseback riding, skiing and hiking. She plans to reach out to the man made famous for cutting off his own arm in the book and movie 27 Hours to see how he handled the adjustment.