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The angels are coming.

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center | Nursing

I proudly say I am a graduate of the Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing, class of 1967. To be a graduate of Emanuel was in itself a reference for excellence. There are many memories both as a student and when I worked as a registered nurse for Legacy Health.

One of my most moving memories was a Christmas morning. Students who were not on duty, but had not gone home for the holiday, celebrated the arrival of Christmas morning by singing carols throughout the hospital. The clear voices could be heard as they sang, walking in single file carrying a battery operated candle.

Christmas morning 1964, I was working night shift on 4 North, the medical unit. One of my patients was a young woman in her late 20s who was dying from ovarian cancer. I was at her bedside when we heard the students singing.

I will always remember she held my hand and said, “Listen the angels are coming." It was at that time she took her last breath and died as the singing continued throughout the unit. I often wonder if the angels she heard were the students or angels in heaven.

— Carole Wakefield Schaeffer, R.N.