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Back in the garden after eye treatment

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Eye Care

Elaine Nelson, 75, knew something wasn’t right with her vision when she started seeing "wavy colors." “I’ve had a number of different things that have gone amok with my eyes over the years,” she relates. “And I didn’t like what my regular eye doctor was telling me.” 

Because Nelson’s husband had been involved for years with the Oregon Lions Club and its efforts to raise funds for the Sight & Hearing Foundation, she asked him to look into which doctors were considered best in the region. “I wanted a good glaucoma specialist to look at my eyes,” she says. At the top of the list was Steven L. Mansberger, M.D., MPH, vice chair and director of Glaucoma Services at Legacy Devers Eye Institute. 

After a thorough examination, Dr. Mansberger prescribed two types of eye drops to decrease Nelson’s eye pressure and protect the optic nerve. Nelson also underwent laser treatment to help lower the pressure in her eyes. “The drops are keeping the pressure pretty much under control,” she says. “I have reduced sight in my right eye, which is my worst eye, but my left eye is still good."

Nelson admits that while she loves to do stitchery and painting, “I can’t see up close enough to do it anymore — finding the hole in the needle is impossible.” But she keeps color in her life with her garden —a glorious profusion of plantings that earlier this year was featured in a six-page spread in a national gardening magazine. "I love the gardening. And I just put it in the ground — God decides what grows. I can’t take the credit," she said.

While she’s modest about the fruits of her gardening labor, she is effusive in her praise for her care team at Legacy Devers. “Everyone is so caring, kind and helpful,” she says. “I can’t tell you how pleased and fortunate we are to have the people we have there.