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An awakening ... and a connection

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Rehabilitation

When Elizabeth Hovde awoke after weeks in a coma, she didn’t know the people around her. But she sensed a connection.

“I felt attached, I felt cared for and I felt safe,” Elizabeth recalls. “I felt like they were my people.”

While skiing in January 2011, Elizabeth suffered a traumatic brain injury. Treated initially by the team of experts in traumatic brain injuries at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Elizabeth was later transferred to the Legacy Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon.

Elizabeth, a columnist for The Oregonian, wrote about her experience: “I woke up knowing I was in a hospital and thinking the doctors, therapists and nurses were good people who were there to help me."

Adding, “Such a thankless and hard job these people have. At best, they care for people who may not even remember them. I worried I wouldn't remember them. I kept a cheat sheet and wrote down the names of whoever helped me each day so that the next day I would be reminded that they had helped me before. I was so grateful for all they were doing that the least I could do was say hello properly ...

"Though I am thrilled, and massively relieved, to be home with my two small boys, I still find myself missing the positive people I first ‘awoke’ to. And I am forever grateful for all that they and so many others have done.”