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They made me feel like I was worth saving.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Transplant

Any major surgery is scary! I was terrified about my kidney transplant, but also very, very excited. It was almost as if it was all a dream, and that somehow I would wake up any moment. I didn’t believe it was real until I woke up from surgery, and they told me everything went well.

The Legacy Transplant Services staff was wonderful, helping me whenever I needed it, encouraging me to get up and move, cheering me on when I did things on my own. It was great, very uplifting, and I felt well cared for.

They made me feel like I mattered, like I was worth saving. The staff was amazing at helping guide me through the process. The ladies at the front desk were always cheerful; the nurses were all kind and listened to me; the doctors were all understanding and compassionate; and everyone had a great sense of humor!

My life has changed so much. I take better care of myself. I have more energy. I am more outgoing.

I have a new appreciation for life.

— Heather