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Surgery saves woman's eyesight, zest for life

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Eye Care

By age 97, Jean Woolfolk was losing her verve for life. Eye disease and vision problems not only took away much of her eyesight, she had condition called Fuchs’ dystrophy that was painful and forced her to sit with her eyes closed for hours at a time.

“She saw everything in only black and white, and everything was really dark,” says her son, Michael Woolfolk, who cares for his mother in his Portland home. “Plus, she was in pain. I felt like it was all working on her will to live.”

Fortunately, Michael found Legacy Devers Eye Institute and Michael Straiko, M.D., who has expertise in eye disease, corneas and eye surgery. Dr. Straiko performed cornea transplants on both of Jean’s eyes, restoring much of her vision and easing the pain.

“We were really pleased with Dr. Straiko. He was very professional,” her son explains. “He really saved her quality of life.”

For her 100th birthday, Jean traveled to Florida and celebrated with family. “Thanks to Dr. Straiko, I have been enjoying a very happy and productive life,” says Jean. “I hope to enjoy many more happy years!”