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Proud to be born at Legacy Emanuel

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center | Pregnancy and Childbirth

On Dec. 30, 1966, I was born prematurely and was delivered by Dr. Thomas Thornton at Emanuel Hospital. I was not supposed to live, but the team worked with me. After a week in the hospital, I was ready to come home with my parents.

What made this special was (1) the life I received and (2) when I became married and started having kids. Dr. Thornton delivered my two children as well.

My daughter was born at Emanuel on Sept. 22, 1988. My son was delivered by Dr. Thornton, but not at Emanuel. There was some construction going on at the hospital during that time and we were routed to Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, and Dr. Thornton was right there!

Dr. Thornton worked with a nurse named Suzy, who was the best R.N.  She had been with him for years. Both of them worked together and provided the best care for me and my children. Happy birthday Legacy Emanuel Medical Center! You provided the best doctors and nurse with the best care. Proud to be born at Emanuel!

— Sharetta Butcher