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The time spent in surgery and recovery is minimal compared to a donation's positive impact.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Transplant

I had, for a number of years, been listed as an organ donor on my death, but had never before considered being a living donor. That all changed when I read a blog posting about a colleague outlining his health issue.

After just a handful of days considering the possibility, I started researching what it would be like to donate. I had never before had major surgery and not even a single hospital stay. This was a huge step for me, but I was confident in my decision and the impact that it would have on the life of my recipient.

I received wonderful support from the donor team. Being surrounded by my support group was essential during the application process, the surgery and during my recovery.

I felt surprisingly comfortable directly following the surgery. Since I did not experience any issues post-surgery, when my surgeon asked me if I wanted to be discharged after only one night in hospital, I jumped at the opportunity!

Do not hesitate to step up to make a change. The time spent in surgery and recovery is minimal compared to a donation’s positive impact. My recipient and I are on a joint mission to promote live organ donation.

If all donors and recipients are able to have the successful donation process that we experienced with Legacy Transplant Services, then they should not hesitate to proceed.

— Tracey