Aman Bagla, DO

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My Specialties:

Internal Medicine

My Areas of Focus:

Skin Procedures, Transgender Health, Joint Injections, Weight Management, Office Based Ultrasound, Travel Medicine


English, Interpreters available for other languages




Good Samaritan Medical Center

Where I see patients

About Me:

I am interested in practicing evidence-based, patient centered medical care. In my role as a healthcare facilitator, I partner with patients to empower them to make the best decisions they can for themselves. Each person has a unique story. By aiming to understand what is important to each individual, I can optimize care and prioritize their concerns. I seek to give patients the tools they need to better their overall health. I believe in a whole person approach to wellness that is not strictly limited to medications. You may frequently see me applying a simple model: what's your perspective, what's important to you, and finally, what are your goals? I am privileged to work with and train medical students and residents to become future physicians. I am a recipicient of PDX Monthly 2020 Top Doctor. My hobbies include: indoor rowing, swimming, running, and cycling. Cooking, making artisan bread and pizza. Spending time with my wife and dog. Traveling, dancing, reading.

Residency: Legacy Portland Hospitals-Emanuel & Good Samaritan
Internship: Legacy Portland Hospitals-Emanuel & Good Samaritan
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Year I Started Practice: 2010
Hospitals Served: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  May 10, 2023
My husband and I are both patients of Dr Bagla. We like, trust and respect him. He takes time to review our records before we see him and really listens to what we say. He is a wonderful doctor.

  May 8, 2023
Dr. Bagla listens carefully and offers sound medical advice. He is quick to respond to my medical needs.

  May 3, 2023
Dr Bagla is always listening well and is kind and I always feel his concern

  May 2, 2023
Bagla is an amazing doc, been seeing him for several years and love the experience and respect he provides. He is very knowledgeable and willing to take time to educate

  May 1, 2023
Dr Bagla listens very well, and is always prepared for our appointments, coordinates with my other Dr's, and I feel he cares about me and my future.

  Apr 25, 2023
Always the receptionist, nurse Britney and Dr Bagla are extremely attention to the details.I am lucky that I have them as my health providers.

  Apr 24, 2023
I feel lucky to have a very caring doctor

  Apr 19, 2023
Dr. Bagla is seriously the absolute best!

  Apr 14, 2023
We love Dr Bagla! He's one of the best doctors we've had. He's very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. (One of the front desk employees need to work on her kindness towards bilingual alder patients in their check in time).

  Apr 6, 2023
Dr. Bagla and his staff are very attuned to their patients. He is a great listener and diagnostician, always including his patient in the health care decisions that are made.

  Apr 5, 2023
thoughtful & pro-active in her role as scheduling. Theresa the receptionist is caring is concerned.

  Apr 5, 2023
Dr Bagla is the best doctor I've ever had.

  Apr 4, 2023
Dr. Bagla is always kind and caring and knowledgeable. The office and staff are helpful and welcoming.

  Mar 30, 2023
Dr B is always attentive, candid when needed, and makes me feel like I am in a partnership regarding my care decisions

  Mar 23, 2023
Dr. Bagla is the first primary care provider I have encountered that always takes time to listen to my concerns and works with me when making recommendations to my care. I appreciate his focus on motivational interviewing and sustained empathy during our visits, in addition to providing non-pharmacological interventions that I can implement in my everyday life. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Bagla!

  Mar 22, 2023
Literally waited for 45 minutes to speak with front office, which never happened. Not the first occurrence. Please deal with the phone situation asap.

  Mar 21, 2023
In a congenial atmosphere, Dr. Bagla was very clear in his explanations.

  Mar 21, 2023
It was good seeing Dr Bagla after 5 months. My visit went well and he explained the course of action we should proceed on my left knee. A noteDr Bagla seemed tired by the time he saw me. Maybe to long a day for him.?But Bagla is the Best... He did good!

  Mar 20, 2023
Dr. Bagla is an excellent Dr. I feel lucky to have him. The receptionists are always courteous and knowledgeable, especially Teresa.

  Mar 10, 2023
Dr Bagla is amazing. He always listens and provides thorough information.

  Nov 10, 2022
Dr. Bagla is great, always attentive, and informative.

  Nov 10, 2022
I have had no bad experiences with Dr Bagla or the Legacy Good Sam Clinic. I have recommended him to others needing a primary care doctor.

  Nov 3, 2022
Dr. Bagla has always asked questions, listened to me, and outlined clear steps to take in preserving or bettering my health. It is clear in his approach and demeanor that he actually cares. He is a credit to Legacy.

  Oct 31, 2022
As always Dr. Bagla listens - I was having problems with my ear and medication for it. It seems to be doing better. He's easy to talk to. I trust Bagla.

  Oct 28, 2022
Everything went great from the receptionist, medical assistant, to the doctor. My questions were answered, I felt respected, and I left the office with a good feeling.

  Oct 25, 2022
Dr Bagla is consistently a very good doctor. I trust him.

  Oct 5, 2022
Most amazing experience ever with a ohysician

  Sep 30, 2022
Dr. Bagla is a good listener and is interested in my overall health.

  Sep 28, 2022
The Dr. Was very helpful and very polite.

  Sep 27, 2022
Dr. Bagla shows a great feal of empathy and respect for his patients. He is always clear and concise in his communications with me, and he answers all my questions in a manner that shows that he is listening and open to my questions and concerns. I feel very fortunate to have him as my primary care physician!

  Sep 16, 2022
Dr. Bagla & his staff are amazing in all aspects of care. Never a bad experience.

  Sep 14, 2022
Dr. Bagla always listens carefully and explains everything. I appreciate his care and understanding.

  Sep 13, 2022
Dr. Bagla was very helpful!!

  Aug 24, 2022
Dr. Bagla ALWAYS explains in detail and listens to my questions.

  Aug 24, 2022
Dr Bagla always takes the time to listen to my concerns and addresses each one in a way I can understand.

  Aug 22, 2022
Dr. Aman Bagla was very professional and attentive to my needs. He was very helpful and prompt in making a referral to an excellent clinic to further assist my medical needs. Thank you Dr. Bagla!

  Aug 22, 2022
Dr. Bagla is a great doctor who really listens to my concerns.

  Aug 18, 2022
Dr. Bagla has great bedside manner. I hadn't seen him since right after the pandemic started and he asked me about my job and how everything was going based on his notes. He helped talk me through my issue and thoroughly explained all options. I normally hate going to the doctor but he made me feel heard.

  Aug 16, 2022
More than once now I have went in for a physical and I don't really get a physical but just a talking to. I feel my time is being wasted and my health is being risked, so I will go elsewhere.

  Aug 1, 2022
This office and it's staff have ALWAYS made me feel cared for and that my health was the most important thing at that time. I have never been embarrassed or ashamed to call and ask a question.

  Jul 29, 2022
He is the best provider I have had. My spouse and I both have him as a pcp.

  Jul 26, 2022
Dr. BAGLA, As usual at his best. ..

  Jul 25, 2022
I really struggled with the way I was treated by my nurse. Sometimes I am really slow and I informed her of that when she came and got me. However she walked too quickly and seemed very annoyed (sighing arms crossed) when I couldn't keep up.

  Jul 22, 2022
Dr Bagla is always helpful, friendly and efficient. I've used the MyChart app to ask questions or provide information for non-urgent matters and have always received a rapid and clear response from staff.

  Jul 21, 2022
Good listener. Thoughtful and understanding.

  Jul 18, 2022
As always I am happy to say the staff & doctors are terrific!

  Jul 18, 2022
Dr. Bagla is an excellent doctor. But, after each visit I wish we had more time in normal conversation. I feel like my whole thought process is slowing down as I get older.

  Jul 18, 2022
All perfect thanks

  Jul 13, 2022
I like Dr. Bagla very much. He is very well informed and attentive. He seems to care and enjoy his job. I think he is a great doctor.

  Jul 8, 2022
My experiences with Legacy Health have all been very good. Dr. Bagla is excellent

  Jun 29, 2022
Dr. Bagla was very knowledgeable about my condition and was very quick and confident in giving me a diagnosis. I have trust in him in any future medical questions or concerns regarding my health.

  Jun 28, 2022
We saw Dr. Bagla to check some new symptoms and as always he empathetic and listened both to the patient and her caregivers to determine the best way to handle this.He is an excellent physician and we feel very fortunate to have been referred to him for the patient's care.

  Jun 23, 2022
Excellent consultation and advice as always. Phenomenal primary care provider!

  Jun 22, 2022
Thorough, informative, knowledgeable, listens carefully, compassionate.

  Jun 15, 2022
This visit was scheduled as a longer appointment due to an unresolved pain issue. He listened well to my description, recommended an injection which I had, but it was clear that my time was up when I had some followup questions. He didn't have answers for them and was pretty clear that my time was up. I don't know how long that appointment was scheduled for. I didn't like that feeling as I left. I am generally very healthy, and other than routine physicals, haven't used the heath care system much until this year.So, when I need to see a physician, I don't like the feeling of being "walked to the door ", so to speak. The questions I had should have been able to be answered. They were not that difficult.

  Jun 9, 2022
I had a good experience on this visit and every visit.

  Jun 8, 2022
Dr. Bagla is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I have recommended him to both family and friends.

  Jun 8, 2022
One of the best medical visits I have ever had!