Charul Sen, MBBS

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4.6 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Internal Medicine, Board-certified


English, Interpreters available for other languages




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Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Legacy Medical Group–Salmon Creek Internal Medicine

A department of Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

About Me:

Dr. Sen is a primary care doctor at Legacy Medical Group - Salmon Creek Internal Medicine. She received a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery* medical degree from Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi, India. She completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Legacy Emanuel and Good Samaritan medical centers. She is board-certified in internal medicine. Dr. Sen focuses her practice on wellness and sees patients 18 and older. *MBBS is the equivalent of a MD medical degree in the U.S.

Hospitals Served: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.6 out of 5.0

  Apr 1, 2024
Provider didn't listen to my concerns. Only checked my lungs-breathe in/out.

  Mar 25, 2024
Dr. Sen has been my primary doctor for going on eight years now. I liked her very much from the beginning because she has a genuine interest in me as a patient as well as a person. She always listens to me as I explain my issues, my concerns, and how I want my treatments to be as free of medications, within reason, as possible.

  Mar 18, 2024
Great office people, great doctor's assistant, great doctor, all helpful and able to be empathetic as well.

  Mar 14, 2024
Excellent medical and office staff!

  Mar 5, 2024
I misread the time of my appointment and showed up a half hour early. It was 45 minutes before I was called back. Lot of waiting--most of it my fault.This system is SSLLLLOOOOOWWW. If it operated quickly I'd be more likely to participate in the future.

  Dec 18, 2023
I felt that Dr. Sen was uncomfortable visiting with me.

  Dec 14, 2023
Legacy provided exactly what I needed, my left ear cleaned. I can't imagine giving you a pat on the back legacy, for cleaning my ears.

  Nov 30, 2023
Dr. Sen always listens carefully and is kind.

  Nov 24, 2023
She was very detailed during the exam and completely thorough. Good doctor!

  Nov 20, 2023
Wonderful, kind and friendly and professional, experiences.THANK YOU all for your care.

  Nov 6, 2023
Waited 15 minutes for "After Visit Summary" & finally opened the examining room door.someone asked "Are you waiting for paperwork!" & printed it our for me. This is the 3rd time this has happened over the past few years. Also, was instructed to go to Room 150 (Labs) for a blood draw. Waited 1/2 hour in crowded room.when taken in for documentation verification, the clerk said I should have been sent directly to Room 275 after the doctor's appointment..for immediate service. I wasted about an hour of my time. Very disappointing indeed.

  Nov 6, 2023
My former PCP moved out of state; it took me 5 months before I was given an appt. To see this provider. She felt cold and indifferent to my requests. There was a distinct lack of a "warm bedside manner" which my former provider for 25 years gave his patients. She elected not to continue prescribing routine meds my former provider managed and referred me out to 3 different resources to receive my meds from. I do not want to continue with her as my PCP in my later years of care but when I contacted my former PCP's office they refused to start me with another provider because I had "established care" with this provider. I said I saw her as a "consult" to see if it would be a good fit but it is not and now I seem to be somehow "stuck" with her! I feel I have a right to choose whom I want to have as my PCP. I would appreciate clarification on how I can change this situation.

  Nov 2, 2023
Excellent care!

  Nov 2, 2023
Waiting time for summary visit document sometimes lags. This recent wait time was close to 15 mins. The healthcare assistance was just outside at a group meeting .

  Oct 31, 2023
Your staff at Salmon Creek Legacy is definitely one of the best in the US

  Oct 30, 2023
I moved to this area a year ago. This appointment was a "meet and greet" kind of appointment wherein we discussed some of my previous and current health issues.

  Oct 30, 2023
Dr Sen is amazing.

  Oct 24, 2023
Good job and well done

  Oct 24, 2023
Everyone was very professional and kind. Dr.Sen gave me all the time I needed, and full attention. Made me feel very comfortable.

  Oct 19, 2023
She was kind, considerate and very knowledgeable.

  Oct 17, 2023
Dr. Sen is not my regular provider. I will not use her in the future.

  Oct 16, 2023
I wanted to change to switch her to my primary but she's not accepting new patients

  Oct 3, 2023
The Dr is always rushed. She does not seem to have enough time to be real thorough or to listen. She is an ?xcellent doctor but always seems to be in a hurry.

  Sep 26, 2023
I like Dr Sen ok but her availability has been diminished greatly to just couple days a week. That can be frustrating.

  Sep 25, 2023
My experience with Dr. Sen has always been very good. She never makes me feel rushed and is always willing to listen to my concerns. I feel she's very interested in me as a person and not just as a "patient". I am very happy that I was able to become her patient when I moved here about seven years ago. And I have recommended her to three of my friends who are now her patients.

  Sep 19, 2023
Great doctor,very smart

  Sep 7, 2023
This Dr is very throw & shows concern for continuing my ability to stay healthy.

  Sep 5, 2023
This was a first visit to establish care after a move

  Sep 5, 2023
I really appreciate Dr Sen. She is a dedicated professional and an Intelligent, communicative, compassionate person to have on my medical team.

  Sep 5, 2023
Dr Sen is an outstanding physician. She really listens but also has a gentle way to keep the exam and appointment on track. She genuinely seems to care about my well being. I feel safe discussing my questions and issues with her. I hope she receives these comments because she should be celebrated for doing an outstanding job. She is an asset to your organization! I have and will continue to recommend her to others looking for an excellent doctor.

  Aug 31, 2023
Dr. Sen is very thorough and listens to me. She refers me to different departments with my concerns. I wish that she may help me with some concerns like sleeping problems instead of going to my sleep doctor. Other than that, Dr. Sen is very good.

  Aug 31, 2023
Dr. Sen seems very knowledgeable and is careful. She is just not very personable.

  Aug 31, 2023
I like her friendly & medical professionalism. She was thorough in asking questions as she read through and listen to my answer regarding my medical history since this is my first time to meet her as my PCP.

  Aug 22, 2023
Over all, positive experience

  Jul 31, 2023
Dr. Sen is always very thorough. She leaves no stone unturned. She's friendly and delightful. We love her.

  Jul 27, 2023
The only negative thing I have is I waiting 6 months to be seen by a PCP and that is ridiculous!

  Jul 20, 2023
Everything OK and as expected.

  Jul 20, 2023
Dr. Sen was very thorough, polite, informative, and caring. Very impressed!

  Jul 17, 2023
It has been four years since I have had a complete physical. I questioned this and was told I needed to request one, This was news to me!At my visits, I am rarely given a chance to ask questions. She always seems in a hurry. I waited 20 minutes for her visit and the appointment was for 8:15 AM

  Jun 26, 2023
I waited awhile, felt rushed like just another number to check off. MA wasn't super friendly, but did her job efficiently. Focus was more spent on my medical chart than asking me questions or getting to know what was important to me. My provider demonstrated good expertise and medical knowledge, but I felt bed side manner severely lacking. My thoughts were somewhat Ignored and not followed up with further questions. My experience didn't seem very holistic. I expect a PCP to be more personable in order to build rapport and sustain a goodstanding relationship. I'm not sure I'll get that yet. I do think, however, my physical/medical needs will likely be met.

  Jun 26, 2023
Wish LHS office can develop automated systems to help patients with all following up reminders.

  Jun 19, 2023
I had an 8:05 am appointment, thinking I would be in & out of the office quickly. I arrived 15 minutes early as directed. I was taken to the exam room & questioned by the nurse by 8:05 am. I then waited In the exam room for 36 minutes before the doctor came In to see me. For an early morning appt., this wait was unacceptable. Nobody came In to say there would be a delay.

  Jun 15, 2023
Provider reduced availability to less than 4 days/week

  Jun 13, 2023
This was my initial visit. By the end of the day, the dr. had sent for and received my medical records and called me about a concern she found in them. I was blown away!

  Jun 13, 2023
I have total respect for my provider and know they only have 20 minutes slotted for me and a full schedule, but I always feel the pressure to hurry my explanations and give short answers. If it takes me a moment to explain then I am interrupted and cut off and it seems that if I ask questions I'm immediately referred to another dept. It could be I don't understand who does what, but if I express a concern, it's like I'm immediately pushed off to someone else, somewhere else. It makes me feel like just a problem being pushed off to someone else because my provider doesn't wish to deal with it.

  Jun 13, 2023
Dr Sen and her team are always doing an excellent job. Thank you very much !

  Jun 8, 2023
Dr. Sen is a very good and thorough provider, however, I had to wait 50 minutes past my 9:20am appointment to see her. She took her time with me but the delay meant I had to come back the next day for labs & x-ray because I had another appointment to go to by the time I finished my Dr. Appt

  Jun 6, 2023
Dr. Sen was very friendly & professional during this initial visit. I was very satisfied and felt she really listened & cared about my health.

  May 23, 2023
Good chart review. Poor personal connection skills, very little eye contact, less than two minutes looking or touching my body, seemed impatient and mostly looked at computer entire visit. Felt like I annoyed her.

  May 23, 2023
Dr. Sen was extremely thorough, as usual, and had excellent suggestions and advice.