Christopher Estes, DO

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4.7 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Orthopedic Surgery, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Orthopedics, Hip Surgery, Knee Replacements, Robotic Surgery






Emanuel Medical Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center

About Me:

Dr. Estes, is a fellowship trained Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in robotic-assisted, minimally invasive hip and knee replacements, including direct anterior total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacements. Working with a team of skilled caregivers, Dr. Estes provides a comprehensive approach to joint replacement surgery. During his fellowship at Rush University, Dr. Estes received extensive training in state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical techniques that minimize trauma to the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint. These techniques result in less postoperative discomfort, shorter hospital stays and a quicker recovery. Dr. Estes has also received training in complex revision surgery during his fellowship at Rush University as well as his residency, where he performed his total joint training at the Mayo Clinic Arizona. In his free time, Dr. Estes enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and spending time with his two children.

Fellowship: Rush University Medical Center
Residency: Banner Good Samaritan Orthopaedic Residency, Phoenix, AZ.
Internship: Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency, Phoenix, AZ.
Medical School: Midwestern University – Arizona College Of Osteopathic Medicine, Glendale, AZ.
Bachelor of Arts: Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA.
Year I Started Practice: 2013
Hospitals Served: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.7 out of 5.0

  May 12, 2023
I think Dr Chris Estes can walk on water

  Apr 28, 2023
The visit is brief - but exam of all pertinent things, explanations, listening to my questions, and allowing me to make some of the decisions were all very good - and the brief exam included all that was necessary and needed.

  Apr 27, 2023
I would prefer regular cortisone shots over surgery. That point wasn't clear. I Felt as if my preference wasn't an option.

  Apr 24, 2023
Very nice doc

  Apr 21, 2023
Dr at first wasn't going to do knee surgery because I have a dog. ??I had dog hair on my knee brace, and that seemed to really upset him when he came in to see me. That in turn, has been bugging me, plus the thought of the recovery experience, and all the I've cancelled my upcoming surgery. I was looking forward to getting my knee replaced.

  Apr 20, 2023
Dr Estes and Scott and Sharon are the BEST!!!!! Incredible team

  Apr 17, 2023
Explanation was great

  Apr 17, 2023
He explained everything very clear to me and answered all my questions to my satisfaction

  Apr 13, 2023
Looked for reasons for pain beyond what might have been obvious.

  Apr 13, 2023
I like Dr. ESTES, however there is a approx: a months time for getting an appt. I wish it could be sooner sometimes.

  Apr 7, 2023
I was referred to this surgeon by my primary care physician. He is not in my usual network (Adventist) but Legacy takes full responsibility for my follow up & has done a good job.

  Apr 6, 2023
It was a good experience, he answered my questions & made referral to another doctor for a simple procedure.

  Mar 27, 2023
Doctor had been double booked electronically but he did an outstanding job getting through it while overcoming the language problem with many of the patients. Accessibility and parking a little challenging. Overall all the doctor and staff did very well.

  Mar 27, 2023
I am extremely pleased with the care I continue to receive from Dr. Estes. He listens, addresses the issue, and provides options. I never feel he is rushing through the appointment. His medical assistants are kind, friendly, thorough, and have a positive attitude. His PA, although I did not meet with him this visit, has always given me clear, easy to understand and honest explanations.

  Mar 24, 2023
Each person with whom I've been in contact with has been respectful, kind and caring.

  Mar 10, 2023
Bedside demeanor was less than desirable. Short, flat, gave an uncaring impression. I would not trust him as a surgeon because it did not feel like he cared.

  Mar 6, 2023
Think Dr. Estes is an excellent surgeon/doctor.

  Mar 6, 2023
My doctor was very good.All of them are OK in my book.

  Feb 17, 2023
Dr. Estes is always personable and always willing to joke with me and answer my questions.

  Feb 17, 2023
Dr. Estes is a wonderful doctor

  Feb 3, 2023
Receptionist very friendly MA ray very helpful and caring X-ray tech kind and caring Lots of patience from all the staff Dr Estes great listener

  Jan 27, 2023
Very nice person. Was very helpful and I felt completely confidence in him.

  Jan 27, 2023
Dr Estes is always kind and friendly as well as being very skilled knowledgeable and experienced. His MA that day (female) was on top of everything also and very welcoming and polite!

  Jan 26, 2023
Dr Estes is easy to talk withhis PA Sharon was also great!

  Jan 26, 2023
Dr Estes had requested that I have records from a prior surgery sent to his office. His office had notified me that they had been received. Yet Dr Estes had not read them. This was to have been a consultation about an upcoming knee replacement but Dr Estes was unprepared. He also did not have me on his surgery schedule, although I had messaged him with a requested date. At first he said I had not messaged him, and then he checked and said I had but It must have fallen through the cracks. I had requested this consultation because I have hardware in my leg and I wanted to know how that would be handled in the surgery. At first he said it would be no problem, then he checked the X-rays and said he might have to trim it. Clearly he was not prepared for this consultation, his manner was flippant and unapologetic about the surgery date. I will NOT be having him do my surgery!

  Jan 26, 2023
Dr C. Estes is a very professional Dr., he communicates extremely well. I had zero questions when our time ended. That is how thorough Dr Estes is in his communication. I was delighted.

  Jan 23, 2023
I have had an amazing experience over the last 18months with everyone I have dealt with at Legacy.

  Jan 20, 2023
I feel fortunate to have Dr. Chris Estes as my Orthopedic doctor!

  Jan 20, 2023
A very good visit. Dr Estes and staff were courteous and helpful. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction.

  Jan 19, 2023
Dr. Estes is great! A great surgeon who cares about his patients. Very knowledgeable and explains thing clearly.

  Jan 9, 2023
It was very good!

  Jan 6, 2023
I need a Total L. Knee Replacement, which I can't wait to have done. I do know what to expect since I already had a Total R. Knee Replacement. Recovery not all that fun. In the end I believe it will be well worth it.

  Jan 5, 2023
It took way too long to get the surgery that was needed.

  Dec 12, 2022
Exceptional patient care and services - from the front desk to the labs and into the surgeon's office. Next stop: Operating table!

  Dec 9, 2022
Doctor was pleasant but I didn't know much more about my pain after the visit. I feel he didn't think my pain level was enough to actually determine what is causing it. Basically, come back when it gets a lot worse.

  Dec 9, 2022
I just didn't like how he made me feel about drinking a couple beers here and there, it's not everyday thing, He didn't listen to me about what I was trying to say, but some doctors don't care they go with there on assumptions

  Dec 8, 2022
My experience w/this provider is excellent - all experience were good w/all stall - no complaints at all - grateful for their CARE.

  Dec 5, 2022
The doctor listened to me & made an honest effort to figure out exactly where the pain was & how best to treat it.

  Dec 2, 2022
Dr. Estes and the staff listen carefully, provide excellent information and answers, and are kind and respectful.

  Nov 28, 2022
Al good.

  Nov 21, 2022
Dr.Estes was great!! No nonsense and straight to the point! You NEED a hip replacement! He was the best!!

  Nov 17, 2022
Everything good

  Nov 17, 2022
The doctor was very busy, so we had some wait time ... Understandable

  Oct 31, 2022
My L. knee is one yr. out from replacement and is still very painful and swollen. Dr. Estes ordered a back MRI thinking it is referred pain - we shall see.

  Oct 21, 2022
Felt very comfortable with this experience. Looking forward to any additional visits needed

  Oct 17, 2022
When I initially phoned to request this visit, the scheduler erred in putting me off too long and the reason for the visit. This resulted inbeing seen by the wrong doctor and weeks after the symptoms had peaked.

  Oct 13, 2022
Dr. Estee was a good Orthopedic physician. I was pleased w/ his care. He was nice & respectful. He listen to me & was good. I will need to see him again, & will.

  Oct 13, 2022
Most Ortho Surgeons are not personable Dr. Estes took his time and listened very carefully about my concerns and answered both technical and hypothetical scenarios questions. He gave me facts and truths to allow me to form my own decision.

  Sep 29, 2022
Great visit and all questions was answered

  Sep 29, 2022
I have trust and faith in Dr Estes

  Sep 26, 2022
Dr Estes is very knowledgeable of his medical expertise. He is very approachable and very clear explaining the procedure.

  Sep 26, 2022
He was very courteous, especially for a surgeon!

  Sep 26, 2022
Very good experience in fact I want this provider to be my permanent provider

  Sep 23, 2022
The Dr. Cares about your care. Listens and answers my questions.I feel very comfortable with him.

  Sep 23, 2022
Ultra sharp surgeon and staff!

  Sep 23, 2022
All concerned were professional, courteous, friendly, & I had a fruitful & unhurried session

  Sep 19, 2022
Dr Estes is great. He is even tempered, smart and approachable.

  Sep 12, 2022
Dr. Estes is AMAZING!!!

  Sep 12, 2022
Good surgeons are not always personable but Dr. Estes really tries.

  Sep 9, 2022
I have found that Dr Estes and all his staff at both of his offices to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. In fact I have found this to be true with all personnel throughout the Legacy System; from the staff at the hospitals up through the ranks of the medical professionals.

  Aug 29, 2022
I had scheduled the appt with the PA but was surprised that I got to see my surgeon too. That was good

  Aug 22, 2022
My ortho doctor is great my primary doctor is terrible

  Aug 19, 2022
He is one of the best Orthopedic you can find. I had a full replacement knee surgery about 1year ago and I am able to walk as normal as I can. There are people can't even tell I had the surgery. My both legs are 90%matching

  Aug 18, 2022
He was informative, open, responsive, and direct.

  Aug 5, 2022
Very first appt. Dr. Estes never introduced himself. He just walked in and said you need a hip replacement. He got better after that.

  Aug 4, 2022
I'm very happy with all the care and treatment. All the staff are always helpful and courteous. Thank you.

  Aug 1, 2022
Every time I visit Dr. Estes he gives me confidence in my procedures. So I thank him for that. I have to see him quite a few more times and I feel he will perform my procedures with care and the up most professionalism.

  Aug 1, 2022
I would recommed him because of the knowledge I gain from him and my visits. But my wait time in the exam room for a 5 min visit was an hour! This is very unusual for him.

  Jul 26, 2022
I found that from my first appointment for surgery consult and every post op visit/call, everyone has been incredibly helpful and has taken the time. I've never felt rushed.

  Jul 25, 2022
It would be nice if the clerks at the front desk talked quieter vs.broadcasting to the entire waiting area when processing intake info with clients. I didn't appreciate my private info being asked about in such a loud manner for all to hear, nor did I appreciate hearing about other people's personal info from my seat. I have never heard receptionists process info in such a loud manner at any doctor's office. Patient privacy SHOULD be respected at all times.

  Jul 25, 2022
As I come from A healthcare background it has always been my understanding that surgeons aren't always the most Socially Engaging Or verbal providers. Doctor Estes follows this pattern when I meet with him. However, He has a great team including the M.A. And nurse and P.A. Who provide great education and interventions and follow up. So I feel that Dr. ESTES has great surgical skills and all the other skills are well provided by his team. And I have referred people to him twice this week!!

  Jul 22, 2022
Doctor & staff were professional & listened & commented respectfully to what I had to say.

  Jul 22, 2022
Listens, kind, respectful

  Jul 21, 2022
You all as a team are soooo awesome. Professional, knowledgeable and a wonderful experience. Really you treated me great throughout my visits. Thanks

  Jul 18, 2022
I am very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Estes for my hip replacement. All my experiences with him & the clinic were great.

  Jul 18, 2022
I was impressed with the efficiency and the information provided to me to help alleviate my worries...well done

  Jul 11, 2022
Dr Estes is very attentive, listens and was extremely helpful.

  Jul 8, 2022
I was late & he actually tried to make me feel at ease. Very kind dr. I haven't had very many good experiences w/any drs. apart from my primary providers the last few years.

  Jul 7, 2022
Provider was attentive, informative, and compassionate. Provider had all the qualities I could hope for in a provider. Not only was the provider excellent, the entire staff during the visit were also excellent: office staff, Nurse, and X-Ray technician! Do everything you can as a company to retain these highly qualified workers. Their excellence is the company's most valuable asset.

  Jul 1, 2022
Professional, thorough, amicable.

  Jun 30, 2022

  Jun 27, 2022
Efficient, personable and effective. EVERYONE!

  Jun 20, 2022
The weight was too long I arrived early per instructions and didn't see the doctor for I think an hour and 10 minutes

  Jun 17, 2022
Always good.

  Jun 13, 2022
I have only seen Dr. Estes twice which is a short period to evaluate if I'd recommend him to family/friends. Consider re-wording this question.

  Jun 10, 2022
Great visit. No worries.

  Jun 9, 2022
Dr. Estes seems a bit reserved (and it was the first time I'd seen a new provider where we had to be masked, so it made it a little harder to connect personally). But he spent the time we needed to assess my situation and lay out the options going forward. I felt listened to and he did a good job of explaining what he was seeing. I'm glad to have him as part of my care team, although I hope this was a one-shot visit. I also appreciated that he and his staff worked me in quickly (I was a referral).

  Jun 9, 2022
I did have an extended wait for my last visit but we all know that sometimes you have a patient who needs more than the allotted time to address their problems. We were kept informed during the wait and we were ok with having to wait.