Daniel O'Neill, MD

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Internal Medicine

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AIDS and HIV, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Diabetes Care, Weight Management



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Dr. O'Neill is board certified in internal medicine and specializes in HIV with a particular focus LGBT healthcare. He earned his medical doctorate from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He completed residency at both Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle and the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC. His clinical interests include HIV treatment and prevention, transgender/gender diverse health, addiction medicine, chronic pain, diabetes and weight management. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his husband David exploring the pacific northwest and staying active with CrossFit. He volunteers regularly for Portland Street Medicine and has lived with type-1 diabetes for more than 30 years.

Training: Medical School: The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Residency: Virginia Mason Medical Center and George Washington University Hospital
Hospitals Served: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

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Average Rating:  4.6 out of 5.0

  Jan 29, 2024
Whenever I see a care provider for a check up, the nurse ALWAYS take my blood pressure as soon as I sit down after walking into the room. This gives an unnecessarily high reading for blood pressure. Recommended procedure for at BP test is "sit 5 minutes with feet on floor". Why is this not done in the clinic?

  Jan 23, 2024
The Doctor is great. It is the ability to see the doctor when needed in a timely fashion that is the issue. It seems the problem is hiring providers in this practice.

  Jan 22, 2024
Waited an hour and a half

  Jan 11, 2024
Too many patients, too few MDs available in the health care system of today

  Jan 8, 2024
I'm just sorry that Dr. O'Neill is leaving Legacy. He's an excellent doctor, extremely competent, conscientious, and very sensitive and caring. It will be very difficult to replace him

  Dec 26, 2023
We've all forgotten how to love

  Dec 20, 2023
Appointment was scheduled for 8:30 and the provider didn't come until 9:30. He was talking so much that I wasn't able to get much in myself and share the things I wanted to share. Worst PCP I have come across definitely don't and won't be seeing him again.

  Dec 19, 2023
Dr O'Neill is the best Medical provider I've ever had. He listens, explains items in detail, and takes the needed time for each appointment.

  Dec 5, 2023
The dr spent more time looking at computer than at me and he never examined my neck which is what I came in for

  Dec 5, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is extremely intelligent and I feel he truly cares about his patients. I wish that he would allow more time and space for listening, though. At times I felt I had to interrupt him to express my concerns, and even then, he seemed to make quick assumptions rather than ask further questions to understand what I was trying to say.More frustratingly, Legacy has horrendous wait times for appointments. My current PCP is departing the group (second time this has happened this year), and I now have to wait more than six months to meet my new PCP. This is ridiculous and is causing my family to consider leaving the clinic.

  Nov 29, 2023
Provider, even though we had not met before, quickly grasped my medical history and was able to clearly explain my current health situation, what to expect in short term, and answer my questions. He clearly explained my follow-up steps to take and when. I thought he did a great job and was glad he was the one available when I needed help and my usual physician was not in the office.

  Nov 22, 2023
The visit felt rushed; however, the provider did answer all of my questions completely.

  Nov 20, 2023
Dr O'Neill spent a lot of time with me, but when I'd ask follow up questions regarding his suggestions, he did not give me real answers to my questions. I felt that while he listened to me, he did not truly hear me or understand me. I used to see a different provider at the clinic who left and the clinic made me wait five months for an appointment because they considered me a new patient just because my previous provider at the same clinic left. After five months, I then was cancelled last minute because the doctor had a meeting.

  Nov 20, 2023
Good: I was notified that the provider was behind schedule rather than waiting without knowing. Bad: The office seemed to be rushing my provider. It was my initial visit with my new doctor. A little more information in advance on what to expect on an initial visit would be an improvement.

  Nov 9, 2023
I needed to establish a new PCP. I felt like Dr. O'Neill was pushy, lacked compassion for me as a patient and a woman, and insensitive to my needs. I felt uncomfortable with the way he reviewed my medical history, dismissed my questions or concerns, and felt he used judgmental and accusatory language during my appointment. I will be looking for another PCP and not rescheduling with Dr. O'Neill in the future.

  Nov 8, 2023
On my second visit this provider informed me that he was leaving the practice. Things change, understandably, but I am at an age where I need some stability in my health care. My personal issues make this a bruising circumstance for me. Nobody is to blame. Hopefully my new provider will stay long enough for us to establish a working relationship.

  Nov 2, 2023
My overall exam with Dr. Daniel O'Neill was fine, the nurses were excellent as were the receptionist staff.

  Oct 26, 2023

  Oct 24, 2023
This was my first new provider Dr. O'Neill. I had a little anxiety at getting a new primary care doctor as I had a really great experience with my previous one of 8 years. Dr. O'Neill was very friendly and addressed all my concerns in great detail about one of my prescriptions and others questions I had. I am very happy with him talking to me in such a friendly and professional way. I look forward to having him as my doctor.

  Oct 23, 2023
ThoroughKnowledgeable Friendly

  Oct 19, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is very thorough and has excellent follow up. He works on his days off to ensure I get my questions answered. When other doctors would ask me to schedule a follow up appointment for specific issues, he is happy to address my needs when they arise. I am VERY happy with the quality of service he provides as a Doctor.

  Oct 18, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is a new primary care provider to me. I was very impressed and think I will be very happy with him as my doctor.

  Oct 5, 2023
Wait time for the appointment was 6 months. Wait time in the office was one hour. Both are unconscionable.

  Oct 5, 2023
It was very good he answered all my questions

  Sep 26, 2023
Good exchange of ideas and good discussions on plan to try to lower blood sugars.Dr. Seemed to be very knowledgeable of treatment options and how to proceed.

  Sep 25, 2023
Dr O'Neill is excellent at explaining information.

  Sep 18, 2023
Dan was very thorough. Patient reviewed all of my medical history provided feedback on all my questions absolutely ecstatic that he is my new primary medical provider.

  Sep 13, 2023
Dan's analysis of what was causing the dizziness was clearly based on my verbal explanation of my recent experiences, review of medications, and his explanation of his certainty of what was occurring that caused the dizziness. The recommendation to simply increase my intake of water with a clear explanation of why, was done without implying that I was at fault. Really good interpersonal skills.

  Sep 12, 2023
Very good visit! A little too much focus on typing into the chart but a minor detail! And I did appreciate the detailed report after wards!

  Sep 11, 2023
Related to overall impression of Legacy: excellent responses through portal but very difficult to access by phone compared to Providence

  Sep 7, 2023
My first time seeing Dr ONeill because my PCP left Legacy. I didn't feel a sense of personal connection with Dr ONeill. I'm not sure he ever made eye contact and seemed more intent on telling me things than listening. Though he was trying to get up to speed with my records and myriad health issues. I didn't get a lot of warm fuzzies' from him in great contrast to other Legacy providers.

  Sep 6, 2023
I felt as though he was most interested in typing his notes rather than see me. I did not feel I really was able to speak to him because he was so busy typing. I understand he need s to take notes but I didn't feel as though I got feedback about what I was telling him. He prescribed two things that I really didn't need, one was a steroid and the other was a 1/2 dose of something I was already taking. I didn't understand that one was a steroid until I went to the pharmacy. Due to my cancer I don't want to take anything like this unless it is really necessary. It was my first time seeing this provider due to my previous provider leaving the practice. I had to establish care with someone new. Now I wonder if I need to establish care again if I don't want to see this provider.

  Aug 30, 2023
Dr. O'Neill communicates very well in an easy-to-understand manner and does listen to what I have to say. He answers any questions I have thoroughly. Although this was only my second appointment with Dr. O'Neill, he already has my full trust and respect. I feel extremely fortunate.

  Aug 30, 2023
First time to meet with Doctor O'Neill- introductory visit. Liked him. Will follow- up with blood draw in next few months.

  Aug 21, 2023
Dr. O'Neill performed an excellent physical for me. He listened well, was knowledgeable of my previous medical history, presented ideas and suggestions in a way I clearly understood, was kind and knowledgeable.

  Aug 21, 2023
Great visit, everything was covered. All my questions were answered. I was given a game plan and follow up appts were scheduled.

  Aug 17, 2023
Impressed with his kindness, knowledge and support with my healthcare and medical needs..

  Aug 16, 2023
Phone and provider appts wait times are extensive

  Aug 16, 2023
The visit was good. The wait time to get a new doctor was awful. Is there a problem with Legacy not being able to hire doctors to handle the existing patients? Why the sudden doctor shortage? Ones not leave. E with a good feeling.

  Jul 27, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is very knowledgeable and personable.

  Jul 27, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is an excellent Dr. I had almost decided to switch my care over to Providence but decided to see Dr. O'Neill to see if I liked him. If I could I'd give him a much higher grade than 10. I've never had a better PCP. Now if Legacy could just improve their EDs then they'd be a great hospital system.

  Jul 25, 2023
Always treated wonderful I never worry about my care with good samaritan hospital

  Jul 19, 2023
After over 20 years with Legacy, the recent exodus and cancelations of doctors had me ready to switch healthcare providers. Dr. Daniel O'Neill completely turned that around during my recent visit. He is a caring, smart, and thorough physician, and Legacy is lucky to have him.

  Jul 13, 2023
Very good

  Jul 5, 2023
He is very thorough and spent a lot of time with us. But that may also cause delay to other patients.

  Jul 3, 2023
This was a first visit meeting for me with Dr. Daniel O'Neill. I was very impressed with how he really listened and respected my thoughts and feelings on things and at the same time let me know what he felt may be best. I appreciate his manner. He seems compassionate and caring as well as knowledgeable. I am happy to have him as my Primary Care Provider. I believe the longer than usual wait time for my appointment had to do with the patient before me needing extra time. I don't think it could have been avoided and I did not mind waiting.

  Jul 3, 2023
This doctor was the best one I had at legacy

  Jun 29, 2023
He is so much better than my last PCP!

  Jun 28, 2023
Dr. O'Neill is the best! Always very proactive in developing a care plan and great at building momentum around long-term care. Does a great job at juggling the workload that always comes with primary care and is always a joy to see!

  Jun 26, 2023
Dr. O'Neill was so professional, very knowledgeable, and provided information about my problems and his treatment to follow that has been exactly as predicted and with additional blood work to monitor the results for any problems that may occur. I trusted his judgement immediately because of the manner he described my problem and possible treatment and effects it could have. Dr.O'Neill just the kind of doctor everybody want and needs. A real asset to Legacy

  Jun 19, 2023
Most of the office visit was listening to Dr. O'Neill talk. He needs to be a better listener and ask more questions. My main concern was birth control, which my previous primary was more than willing to work with me on dosing. Dr. O'Neill just referred me to gyno. Other than that, Dr. O'Neill was friendly.

  Jun 15, 2023
The doctor took time to address every question I asked and didn't push me off to return for another visit to ask those questions

  Jun 14, 2023
Generally, all very good. I established care with Dr. O'Neill. Prior to his entering the exam room he was apparently reviewing my chart history. But I waited for maybe 10 - 15 min. When the nurse left me in the exam room, she indicated that she thought he was nearly ready to see me. If it's customary for a doctor to look over medical history just before entering the exam room with a new patient, it would be better for the RN or MA to give that expectation to the patient as they finish checking in the pt.

  Jun 13, 2023
Dr. O'Neill was originally scheduled just for an annual exam but I got covid in the interim and he spent a lot of time with me understanding my concerns and explaining in detail how to best treat my covid symptoms and seasonal allergies. I appreciated the physical exam as well (and that I didn't have to change into a stupid gown). I also appreciated that when I scheduled this appointment the scheduler scheduled my bloodwork immediately following so that I did not have to return for a second visit.