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Internal Medicine


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David Strickland is a Primary Care Physician Assistant who emphasizes prevention and evidence-based medicine. After graduating from the Physician Assistant program at Touro University Nevada, he worked in a rural Primary Care clinic in Pahrump, Nevada. Originally from the Portland area, he decided to return home to Oregon to practice medicine. He and his wife enjoy spending time with family and friends, and they look for opportunities to spend time in the outdoors whenever possible.

Medical School: Touro University Nevada
Year I Started Practice: 2015
Hospitals Served: Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  Nov 15, 2023
He is sincerely respect me and carefully listen to me.

  Nov 10, 2023
It's always a good experience. David Strickland and the entire staff are terrific very helpful.

  Nov 7, 2023
Dr. Strickland is the best dr. You guys have . Always listens and never rushes me.

  Nov 7, 2023
Always pleased and happy with the results of David and his team

  Nov 7, 2023
He was wonderful.

  Nov 2, 2023
Every thing was excellent! David always shows concern about my medical issues! Is always a pleasure chatting with him!

  Oct 26, 2023
Legacy has always provided excellent service and care for me and my spouse

  Oct 24, 2023
All Good.

  Oct 20, 2023
He knows his stuff, we talk, I was a phlebotomy 25y, I can talk lab geek, thank you.

  Oct 17, 2023
Care providers and staff are all excellent.

  Oct 13, 2023
Everyone was friendly and my Doctor was Great. I like that he doesn't make you feel rushed and I get all my questions answered.

  Oct 13, 2023
I love my medical team!

  Oct 6, 2023

  Oct 6, 2023
David Strickland is the best provider I have ever had care from. He is a very valuable asset to MHMC.

  Oct 5, 2023
My doctor Dave Strickland is very good.

  Sep 28, 2023
The doctor his amazing couldn't be more happier but the front people horrible very rude and don't care about mental health they don't ever really listen to. I always only want to talk to my doctor because he actually listen to my needs and my mental state

  Sep 27, 2023
Extremely satisfied

  Sep 22, 2023
He was easy to talk to.

  Sep 22, 2023
Dr Strickland is a very good dr. He takes the time to listen to his patient

  Sep 21, 2023
Medicare annual wellness visit is hardly worth the time.

  Sep 8, 2023
David Strickland is easily the best medical provider I've had in my years alive. The medical care provided by David Strickland will always be altitudes above expectations.

  Sep 8, 2023
Always makes me feel heard and like he cares

  Sep 5, 2023
New Dr for my care. Happy to be his patient

  Sep 1, 2023

  Sep 1, 2023
Always a good experience.

  Aug 31, 2023
Always good repore

  Aug 23, 2023
My experience is always very good

  Aug 23, 2023
Dr was interested in my problem and changed prescription to help my pain and cramps.

  Aug 22, 2023
Dr. Had good information for me. I thank him for doing research for my diet as I train for the Portland Marathon.

  Aug 22, 2023
I made e appointment but incorrectly. Couldn't get through on phone. Went to office, got appointment for next day.

  Aug 18, 2023
This care team is very considerate, inquiring and helpful. My wife and I have her mom cared for here because of P.A. David Strickland and his team. We are also pleased with the doctors we see there as needed.

  Aug 17, 2023
He was a new provider for me and he took extra time with me as my needs are changing. I am so very happy with him

  Aug 16, 2023
He always listens and is concerned

  Aug 11, 2023
Dr. David was great. He listened and explained things well. Very easy to talk to. Really pleasant. Hope he sticks around.

  Aug 11, 2023
David is a wonderful healthcare provider. He is the best I have ever had. He is easy to talk to and makes me feel at ease.

  Aug 3, 2023
I want to thank all of the Legacy Mt. Hood team for their help, support, and guidance with my concerns.

  Aug 3, 2023
Everyone was friendly. David Strickland is easy to talk to and listens to me

  Aug 3, 2023
Always good

  Aug 2, 2023
David Strickland is really good. He's fun to talk to. He listens & understands everything we talk about. He's interested in what's going on with me.

  Jul 21, 2023
My visit with David Strickland was a very good experience. He's always up to date with my medical information and prescriptions. He stayed very late ran tests called in prescriptions and made appointments with specialist for me. I always leave that office feeling very optimistic.

  Jul 21, 2023
PA Strickland is excellent and is very helpful and supportive. Please extend to him my appreciation for his thoughtful caring professionalism.

  Jul 12, 2023
It was wellness checkup, and all went well.

  Jul 5, 2023
No appointments available for primary care provider in a decent amount of time. I had to wait almost 2 weeks for an urgent follow up from emergency room visit.

  Jun 21, 2023
David Strickland, explain to me very clear my situation. And was very helpful and caring gave me advice that really helped. I appreciate always the way he is very professional and caring!! The best

  Jun 20, 2023
The receptionist was laughing with somone on the phone,having a good conversation.It didnt seem work related.Wait time was minimal,Dr was very friendly.

  Jun 13, 2023
This Doctor is one of the best Doctors that I have ever had. I have had good Doctors before but when Strickland walks in he has a smile like he glad to see me. Kind of as if we were good friends. I'm comfortable telling him about my problems and he listens as if he cares and wants to really help me. I have never felt rushed with him

  Jun 9, 2023
Only problem is legacys medicsl records are wrong snd dr cannot change them I have never been told I am a diabetic but stupid records say otherwise if legacy cannot get records straightened out I will leave for an organization that can keep its medical records straight

  Jun 9, 2023
David listened and responded to my concerns. I feel very safe and respected

  Jun 7, 2023
David Strickland Is a warm, caring, devoted PA. He was recommended by another doctor and we are thankful for the recommendation.

  Jun 1, 2023
Good, as expected.

  Jun 1, 2023
David Strickland is always very professional and knowledgeable about my medical records and will provide the latest updates to help improve my issues or problems. He provides suggestions on how I might try a different prescription or method to be able to live a safer and more comfortable life. His office works amazingly as a team. I feel very honored to be a patient at this excellent medical facility with such an exceptional medical staff.

  May 30, 2023
David is a very caring provider

  May 26, 2023
David Strickland is hands down the best provider at Mt Hood Legacy Medical Center.

  May 26, 2023
David is Awesome.

  May 24, 2023
David Strickland is a great PCP! He consistently gives me great care. The entire clinic seems to operate on a timely manner through all the pressure at this time.

  May 24, 2023
I have referred several to this provider

  May 23, 2023
Everything IS GREAT.

  May 19, 2023
Despite my general good health and lack of complaints, hands-on portion of physical exam could have been more thorough (e.g. Checking for skin moles). Strickland, very engaged and communicative about general health and lifestyle.

  May 19, 2023
Very happy with all the care I receive

  May 17, 2023
Above and beyond expectations.

  May 3, 2023
David Strickland is an excellent health care provider. He continues to exceed my expectations on every level of health care I need. Excellent.

  Apr 27, 2023
Never a bad experience with any of Mt Hood Doctors

  Apr 27, 2023
My Doctor talk to me like a friend and I love that

  Apr 19, 2023
Dr. David is the best doctor I have ever had while living in Oregon. He is attentive and is always trying to make sure we work on solving problems and questions that I have.

  Apr 18, 2023
Always have good experiences - I try to come prepared with questions & support documents. I am very happy with my doctor & support team.

  Apr 14, 2023
The only complaint I have is , you don,t get the feed back from your test. The provider has them but you don,t know until your next visit. I would think that if some thing shows up in your test resolute than the patient would Or could chance , that would be the time to get on it.

  Apr 12, 2023
Always feel friendliest at my doctor office.

  Apr 11, 2023
David knows me. Remembers problems when I don't. He anticipates my needs.

  Apr 5, 2023
Although you have a great team at the Mt. Hood clinic your phone system leaves something to be desired. Example: If you miss a call, they leave a number to call back. This number is not a mainline to the person who called but a general number where you may wait up to 20 minutes to reach the person called. This can be fixed and should be or...I would prefer the staff utilize My chart for better communication.

  Apr 4, 2023
I always have good care at this clinic.

  Mar 24, 2023
Always seen on a timely matter. Provider and staff were great! No complaints.

  Mar 23, 2023
I am very pleased with David. I am one who likes to be part of my treatment plan. David respects that and accommodates my desire.

  Mar 22, 2023
I have had back issues for over 25 years, Dr. Strickland was the first doctor who got me definitive answers by ordering MRI on my lower back!

  Mar 14, 2023
Kind considerate and careful,very thoughtful.

  Mar 10, 2023
Always get an answer to questions/concerns through MyChart.

  Mar 7, 2023
Made my appointment on-line.

  Mar 1, 2023
I gets this provider always listens. Back to you with answers to questions. Truly one of the best.

  Mar 1, 2023
Provider is very friendly and helpful. Always eager to help and answer questions.

  Feb 22, 2023
My whole family see's Doctor Dave.

  Feb 17, 2023
He is a wonderful Doctor. I have never felt rushed. He gives me the time to ask all questions that I have. He is a great listener.

  Feb 17, 2023
The provider and office staff are great. Getting an appointment is difficult and getting a person on the phone is extremely difficult

  Feb 10, 2023
I like and trust Dr. Strickland.

  Feb 9, 2023
David is wonderful - personable and always professional. He cares about me.

  Feb 8, 2023
Ease of parking, excellent. Try getting a spot at Kaiser! Doctor & staff take time with you Instead of being rushed thru like they are on a stop watch. That plus other things make the patient feel like the hospital, doctors and staff care about you instead of the feeling like you're just another sick cow in a heard like other hospitals. It's more of a country feel and you should run with that!

  Feb 8, 2023
David Strickland is smart, friendly, on the ball, great with elderly, I trust him.

  Feb 7, 2023
David Strickland always has very good options for making me more comfortable with all my aging ailments. He has definitely familiar sized my problems and concerns and makes the appointment most beneficial and medically both physically and mentally effective and most beneficial

  Feb 3, 2023
Doctor Strickland is a rare breed of doctor. He listens and works together with you to find solutions to issues. He is also very good with notes and it shows when you visit six months later because he always seems to be up to speed on things from the last visit! These days it seems most doctors just tolerate your issues then make a quick decision without actually putting much energy into it. This is not the case with Dr Strickland, he listens well and you can just tell he actually cares. I hope he stays around for a long time as a PCP, it would be difficult to replace him in my opinion.

  Feb 2, 2023
This dr was the best I've ever had

  Feb 2, 2023
David Strickland was very caring and helpful on my visit. He addressed all my concerns and answered all the questions I had. He also treated me with curtesy, respect and was very professional.

  Jan 31, 2023
David is without a doubt the single best provider I have ever had in my entire life. He is amazing. I don't like Dr's or any healthcare situations. So often they are just horrible. I look forward to seeing David. Not only is he amazing as a provider, his personable style and humble nature make it a joy to be there, even if I'm sick it's still stress and judgement free . I really really cannot express how amazing he is. I'd love to talk to his boss, his bosses boss and/or his bosses, bosses boss. I'm [age removed] and this is the first time in my life that I have gone back multiple times to a primary. This kid is amazing. Best I have any personal experience with. On occasion my wife will come with me. She goes on and on to people about how special David is to anyone that will listen. And we're at that age where conversations with our friends often turn to medical Issues. I lack the writing skills to do justice to his abilities. I'm happy that he is younger than me as I'm going to have him for the rest of my life. He trusts me and listens to me when I'm having a particular issue. I've never been able to say that before. He's the best I've ever had.

  Jan 26, 2023
Fortunate to have David as our primary care person

  Jan 25, 2023
I've recommended to other family members

  Jan 24, 2023
Dr. Stickland is very understanding & thinks out how he or other dr's can help me.

  Jan 19, 2023
David is a wonder provider. I have recommended him to family and friends. I still drive from Vancouver to see him even though we moved 3 years ago!!

  Jan 19, 2023
It's always a good time visiting Dr Strickland.

  Jan 17, 2023
Dr. Strickland listened carefully to all my ? and had very good answers!

  Jan 17, 2023
I have always had wonderful experiences thank you

  Jan 12, 2023
Was disappointed because my provider whom I've only seen 1 time before, had this David Strickland do the visit. I just changed to this clinic because my other provider retired. I was hoping to get to see my new dr. so I could get to know her better. I have no idea when to make another appt.

  Jan 11, 2023
The team is very patient and understanding.

  Jan 10, 2023
Great Doctor

  Jan 5, 2023
Dr. David Strickland is a very great Doctor and his staff is always friendly and helpful!

  Jan 4, 2023
All good. I like my provider and their medical assistants

  Dec 27, 2022
David Strickland at every visit has taken more time than I would expect with my aunt. Repeating questions differently and allowing her to process the questions in her time. She has Parkinson's disease and communication is difficult for her at times. Rewording questions allows her to cognitively process and understand the questions. David is the most patient provider I could have hoped for my aunt.

  Dec 22, 2022
David is always a pleasure to work with. I feel like he hears me and values what I have to say. I recommend him to everyone!

  Dec 21, 2022
My provider is some one I am completely confident in is always a pleasure to see him.

  Dec 21, 2022
Can't be better.

  Dec 16, 2022
Usually don't care for men doctors, but David is awesome!!!

  Dec 13, 2022

  Dec 9, 2022
I have always had good experiences with Gresham Legacy Group very happy with your staff there.

  Dec 9, 2022
I made this appointment because I received an email from this office for a medicine check. When I got to the appointment, the receptionist let me know that the office wondered why I made the appointment. I think it's strange that the email came from this office and nobody knew why.

  Dec 9, 2022
Informative and straight forward.