Julia Fehniger, MD

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My Specialties:

Gynecologic Oncology, Board-eligible, Fellowship Trained

My Areas of Focus:

gynecologic cancers, Gynecological Oncology, Gynecological Surgery




Good Samaritan Medical Center, Meridian Park Medical Center, Salmon Creek Medical Center

About Me:

Dr. Fehniger approaches patient care with warmth and compassion and values shared decision making with patients and their families. During her training, she developed expertise in the surgical and medical management of gynecologic oncology patients. Dr. Fehniger’s skill as an educator has been recognized with medical student teaching awards. Dr. Fehniger has extensive clinical research experience and is committed to improving care for all women with gynecologic cancer. Outside of work, Dr. Fehniger enjoys spending time with her family, travel and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Fellowship: New York University
Residency: The University of Chicago
Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School
Training: Dr. Fehniger previously worked as a gynecologic oncologist and assistant professor in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at State University of New York Downstate in Brooklyn, NY.
Year I Started Practice: 2013
Hospitals Served: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  Apr 10, 2023
Have a good day -

  Mar 30, 2023
Because she had disturbing news to share with me, she was very sensitive, & compassionate to my reaction. She waited for me to show emotion. Was very encouraging and straight forward about my condition,

  Mar 2, 2023
All experiences were good. They were knowledgeable, courteous and well mannered - Made my appointments as pleasant as possible.

  Feb 16, 2023
Was her thorough with her exam and easily spoke In words I could understand. Compassionate and friendly. I definitely trust her and her team.

  Feb 6, 2023
She is an outstanding physician.

  Feb 2, 2023
We are completely pleased with the care & concern of all the providers.

  Jan 26, 2023
I'm extremely satisfied with my provider and staff! I'm appreciative of all that helped me through a difficult time.

  Jan 23, 2023
Dr. Fehniger's assistance was very helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable of my situation. I did not see Dr. Fehniger at this appointment.

  Jan 19, 2023
My experience with Dr. Fehniger was very positive as with all of the office staff and medical assistants. The upbeat staff were very helpful given some of the fears of surgery. .

  Jan 5, 2023
Doctor and staff all very respectful and caring. Always had all my questions answered clearly.

  Dec 1, 2022
Dr Fehniger has a very calming, reassuring personality which is very much needed for an oncologist. She is very knowledgeable, capable surgeon.

  Nov 17, 2022
All of my experiences were very good. I was amazed by all of the follow up calls to see how I was doing.

  Nov 14, 2022
Everything was good.

  Nov 14, 2022
Oh this visit I was not seen by Dr. Fehniger. I was seen by her PA. The PA completed my exam in a very professional manner.

  Nov 3, 2022
Love the clinic all the staff is helpful and friendly.

  Oct 31, 2022
All good Dr. Fehniger always go through everything and explain's thing I don't understand.

  Oct 17, 2022
Everyone was very kind. I love my Dr. Julia Fehniger so kind, understanding.

  Sep 26, 2022
Very professional and personable.

  Sep 26, 2022
My doctor and her team are amazing at listening to patients and their needs and listening to our problems and working together on a solution that is best for you as an individual not just another appointment they have to get through. I feel very fortunate to have such an amazing team to help me fight from the cancer treatment. They make sure to get me taken care of with them and referral for treatments that help me heal and function better as a human. It's wonderful to feel that they hear you and your needs and make sure that you get taken care of. They go above and beyond taking care of me always in the sweetest way possible and I so thankful for each and every one on my care team. Thank you for all your support.

  Sep 19, 2022
There were visitors waiting for patients in the waiting room not wearing mask, during the time not enough seating. I think patients visitors should be limited to 1 person each. YOu don't know if they all has been vaccinated for COVID.

  Sep 12, 2022
Dr. was very attentive, understood all my questions! Also she is very pleasant! I really like her!

  Sep 12, 2022
All staff were kind, thoughtful and very considerate - I have had both hips replaced and they were very careful in positioning me fro my exam.

  Aug 11, 2022
Painful exam due to too large tools

  Aug 4, 2022
I would highly recommend her. She give her a very thorough exam and answered every question I had.

  Aug 4, 2022
Dr. Fehniger is always so prompt to comment on labs, x-rays etc. I never wait long to be seen and RN's are so good about calling to see how new treatment or Rx.'s are going and if any side effects. Great place for cancer care!!

  Jul 28, 2022
Dr Fehniger always takes time to explain my care. I love her demeanor. For someone being diagnosed with cancer having a soft spoken, aggressive but not over reacted, compassionate doctor makes all the difference.

  Jul 25, 2022
What more can I say! All was good no complaints. Thanks for the great service.

  Jul 18, 2022
Very thorough and answered my many questions willingly.

  Jul 14, 2022
My experience is very positive everyone was nice, courteous & knowledgeable about what they are doing.

  Jul 11, 2022
My doctor is sharp, focused, and personable.

  Jul 11, 2022
The past 8 months of my life have been wrecked with anxiety and worry about not only my reproductive future but my future as a healthy female. I was originally referred to another facility that was unable to get me scheduled repeatedly over the course of six months. I recieved my scheduling call within 48 hours of my referral being changed and was offered an appointment the following week. I was impressed and so thankful! The day of my appointment, the provider and the resident were kind and understanding, they listened well to my/our concerns/questions and provided information and a game plan for us in a way that lifted the weight we had been carrying for months. Thank you for seeing me and giving us hope!

  Jul 7, 2022
I have had only POSITIVE experiences with Dr. Fehniger. She will be doing surgery on me [date removed] and I have faith in her skills and care. God bless her.

  Jun 20, 2022
It's always a pleasure going to this office the staff always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care

  Jun 17, 2022
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Fehniger and her team. In every way I feel cared for w/the utmost competence & compassion!

  Jun 2, 2022
It was the assessment that Dr.Fehniger was both my surgeon and my oncologist so she KNOWS my case. She said I wouldn't be nauseous on chemo - she took care of that & I had no nausea. I like that she follows through.