Michael Moore, MD

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Internal Medicine




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About Me:

Dr. Moore is board-certified in internal medicine. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He completed an internship and residency at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Dr. Moore enjoys developing longstanding relationships with patients and caring for multi- generational families. He listens carefully to his patients and develops individual treatment plans. Outside of work, Dr. Moore enjoys baseball, college football, fencing and travel. Dr. Moore is not currently taking new patients.

Internship: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Residency: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Medical School: University of Texas, San Antonio
Hospitals Served: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  Nov 9, 2023
I've always had a positive experience at this location.Dr' Moore has been our family's doctor for years. He listens and always explains the problem thoroughly to the average patient.I have referred several friends and family members to him.

  Nov 9, 2023
Competent and collaborative

  Nov 9, 2023
Dr Moore was great.

  Nov 7, 2023
Dr. Moore, excellent caring doctor.

  Nov 7, 2023

  Nov 6, 2023
Nurse and doctor were great. I wish they had enough help to accept me as a patient. My provider quit and I'm having great difficulty finding a new PCP

  Oct 30, 2023
My questions we addressed and I had a course of action to follow for my health care concern.

  Oct 30, 2023
Great visit, meet all expectations.

  Oct 30, 2023
Dr. Moore is the best!

  Oct 26, 2023
I felt welcomed and folks were attentive to my being there. Each interaction with personnel was positive. Advice was research based and recognized by particular situation.

  Oct 25, 2023
I felt like Dr Moore listened to my concerns and gave me information to think about on choices for my health care.

  Oct 11, 2023
Listens, communicates and recommends extremely well.

  Oct 10, 2023
Excellent experience

  Oct 9, 2023
Dr Michael Moore is one of the top physicians I have seen in my long life. He is, as an internet, an amazing diagnostician, communicator, scientist and caring physician. His teamwork with his staff is excellent as they always are quick in correspondence and helpful if you phone or send a message. Simply outstanding health provider, and I know how lucky I am to be a patient of Dr Moore!

  Oct 5, 2023
Dr. Moore is kind, competent, and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a professionally competent primary care physician.

  Oct 3, 2023
Dr Moore always answers all my questions and he is very considerate and professional

  Oct 2, 2023
Provider is thorough

  Oct 2, 2023
Dr. Moore is very good Dr. And glad to have him as my provider. Very thorough and caring. Staff iOS also great every time I see Dr. Very high marks from me. Thanks!

  Sep 29, 2023
Dr. Moore was courteous, thoughtful, sensitive and helpful, looking for immediate resolution to my issue.

  Sep 22, 2023
Mike always spends quality time with me, listens to my questions and concerns and addresses them successfully. He is an excellent health professional, I am very happy to have him as my primary care physician. Mike listens, treats me with respect and takes the time to do a thorough visit. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing a physician.

  Sep 21, 2023
Dr. Moore spent a lot of time with me. Never a feeling of being rushed. He was knowledgeable, courteous and thorough. Could not ask for a better PCP.

  Sep 19, 2023
Excellent physician and caring person. Excellent recall of past conversations and my chronic health situation. Great communicator, listening and speaking!

  Sep 18, 2023
Dr. Moore listened to all my concerns and respected all our request.

  Sep 14, 2023
Dr. Moore always goes the extra mile.

  Sep 12, 2023
This visit was a med check and flu vaccine. Dr Moore was very thorough and thoughtful regarding the meds I take and how they interact for me. He explored options for changes and blood test to ensure my health was taken care of. Dr Moore is very intelligent and takes the time to research options and answer questions.

  Sep 11, 2023
Dr. Moore is very sensitive of my health issues. Very easy to talk to and always takes time to answer any questions or concerns

  Sep 8, 2023
I've recommended my wife in the past, but she was refused despite having the same health insurance as I.

  Sep 5, 2023
Great Doctor. He has cared for me for a few years now

  Sep 5, 2023
I really love Dr Moore, he is very easy to talk to, and he really listen's to any concerns I have.

  Aug 30, 2023
Not sure about scheduling as I waited what seemed like quite a while.

  Aug 30, 2023
Great visit, provider spent a good deal of time with me covering everything I could think of, the staff was very courteous and professional, no complaints from me.

  Aug 28, 2023
As always, Dr Moore was patient, kind, understanding, professional & very thorough. They were short staffed in the front but the receptionist was fast and super friendly! Kudos to all

  Aug 25, 2023
Dr. Moore is so wonderful. He spent the time needed to talk to me about the issues I have right now. Gave me great advice, referred me immediately to where I should go, and always asks "is there anything else you want to talk about or ask" and is asking genuinely. He takes the time to assure you that you are heard,

  Aug 21, 2023
DR Moore has been my long term care provider. I feel comfortable and confident in his ability to address my questions and health care needs. I intend to keep him as my primary physician als long as possible.

  Aug 15, 2023
Dr Moore is very thorough in questions being asked or his reasons for his thoughts

  Aug 15, 2023
I feel fortunate to have Dr. Moore as my primary care provider.

  Aug 11, 2023
Very good

  Aug 10, 2023
Obviously, I couldn't ask for better assistance and information. I feel very fortunate to have such good healthcare.

  Aug 7, 2023
Always feel well taken care of after seeing dr Moore and the staff at this clinic

  Aug 7, 2023
Dr.Moore is professional, knowledgeable and personable. What's not to like ?

  Aug 1, 2023
My appointment was at 11am PST. 11am - 11:40 was the allotted time on the calendar invite. I arrived at 10:50am. The Provider did not see me until 11:47am. I had another appointment at 12pm via zoom. He was incredibly rude, condescending and entitled with zero respect of my time being 47 mins late to an appointment. We had 10 mins to connect. A complete waste of my time and little concern for my needs.

  Jul 25, 2023
I am always delighted at the way Dr. Moore listens to what I have to say. Since I am almost [age removed] years old, some people are very patronizing and don't think I understand what they are saying. Dr. Moore ALWAYS listens to me, and I have a good dialog with him, for which I am very grateful

  Jul 25, 2023
Addressed all my concerns.

  Jul 24, 2023
Unfortunately Dr Moore and Westside Internal Medicine are short staffed and not accepting new patients. This seems to be the norm throughout the Legacy system. Getting any future tests or appointments are months out.

  Jul 24, 2023
Comfortable to discuss health issues with. Keeps me going.

  Jul 20, 2023
My doctor spent extra time talking about my condition.

  Jul 17, 2023
Dr. Moore was very considerate, cordial, and devoted his complete attention to my health concerns. I appreciated that he explained every option in terms that I understood. He did not rush the visit. I trust him totally.

  Jul 13, 2023
I had to wait an unusual amount ofTime to see both the assistant andThe doctor.

  Jul 11, 2023
Top flight team

  Jul 6, 2023
Very good

  Jul 6, 2023
I always receive excellent medical advice and counsel from Dr. Moore. A real professional you are very fortunate to have him in your healthcare system.

  Jun 29, 2023
Dr Moore spent a great deal of time explaining things to me. And that includes explaining medical terminology for things I didn't know. He is probably the most thorough PCP I have ever had.

  Jun 26, 2023
I continue to be very appreciative of Dr. Moore. He is professional, knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. I never feel rushed in talking with him and explaining my health concerns. I always sing his praises!! Thank you!

  Jun 23, 2023
Dr. Moore spends time needed on a visit - not 15 minutes and/or just cover 1 problem! But wouldn't do recommendation now as is too hard to get in myself. Practice currently taking no new patients - & that is good. Hard enough to get in when needed!!

  Jun 23, 2023
Excellent visit

  Jun 23, 2023
Known Dr. Moore for two decades-always treated me professionally and best care.

  Jun 20, 2023
Professional with excellent care provided

  Jun 20, 2023
Dr. Moore is an extremely competent, Intelligent and empathetic physician. He stays late at the office when there is an emergency without grumbling. He listens to the issues at hand with respect. I think you should reward such a fine physician who is so dedicated to his patients.

  Jun 19, 2023
Dr Moore is always very attentive and very thorough.

  Jun 16, 2023
I always have a good check up Dr Moore is always very thorough checks with meds, heart rate, blood pressure

  Jun 15, 2023
Dr. Moore is outstanding.

  Jun 14, 2023
Dr Moore takes the stress out of healthcare. I live in the worried well category and he does an excellent job reviewing my concerns and keeping me on a good path. My husband when sick needs to be seen quickly and competently and Dr Moore has always provided that. Dr Moore is a competent, caring provider and is one of the greatest gifts in our lives.

  Jun 13, 2023
Very good experience.

  May 25, 2023
The provider was listened carefully to what I shared and asked for clarification when needed. He was able to provide next steps in very easy to understand language.

  May 25, 2023
Dr Moore has been my Doctor for a long time and I appreciate him and his advice.

  May 18, 2023
Dr Moore was very warm yet professional.

  May 16, 2023
I have been coming here for years! Everyone is great! They provide excellent care.

  May 12, 2023
Had a 40 minute appointment. Dr. Moore went over the appointment time to ensure all my questions and issues were discussed and addresses. Excellent doctor.

  May 9, 2023
Leave well enough alone.

  Apr 28, 2023
He's compassionate, great sense of humor brilliant and resourceful.

  Apr 27, 2023
As always, Dr Moore listens attentively to my narrative, asks clarifying questions, explains answers to my questions-and always ends with asking if I have anymore questions or concerns. I am privileged to have him as my PCP.

  Apr 25, 2023
I had to what over 20 minutes to get my lab work done

  Apr 24, 2023
Been seeing this Doctor for a long time. Always have had excellent care without a feeling of rushing.

  Apr 24, 2023
Dr Moore is the best

  Apr 21, 2023
Very professional

  Apr 18, 2023
Since I am [age removed] years old, I am used to people not giving me any credit for either my Intelligence or my experience. Dr. Moore always listens to me, believes what I tell him, and Is never condescending In the way he treats me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this.

  Apr 17, 2023
Dr. Moore was very thorough and personable. He did a fantastic job of looking at the total health picture.

  Apr 14, 2023
Very happy with Dr Moore and his handling of my medical issues.

  Apr 14, 2023
It was an excellent visit that got my questions answered. My ailment was not an emergency, but my regular primary care physician was on vacation, and Dr. Moore stepped in. I'm most impressed with his ability and helpfulness.

  Apr 11, 2023
I scheduled the appointment online. Several days prior to the visit, a person from the office called to ask about the purpose of my visit. Because it was related to my general health, I checked that, in addition to my blood pressure needs. She mentioned that I might need to reschedule because of this as he had too many of those appointments. There needs to be more clarity on the website about this requirement, as I have limited time to schedule my visits given my work schedule, and had made the visit months in advance.

  Apr 6, 2023
Dr. Moore has been my PCP for many years & I value my relationship with him as he respects my concerns & decisions.

  Apr 4, 2023
Dr. Moore is the best! Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable.

  Apr 3, 2023
All good, helpful.

  Apr 3, 2023
Dr. Moore is always very thorough and explains his recommendations in great detail.

  Apr 3, 2023
Dr. Moore is an excellent doctor who spends quality time with patients and is an extremely good listener.

  Mar 31, 2023
My regular physician was out of town and unable to see me so the officekindly made appointment with alternate physician. The care extended to me by everyone in the office has always been superb and this was no different. Even though Dr. Michael Moore had never previously treated me, he read through my history and had all the information he needed. The care he extended certainly lived up to all of my regular visits. I had a problem that needed to be treated quickly as I was traveling for business and my availability window was very short. I want to thank him for the diagnosis, recommended medication and taking time to review my prior history . Impressive!

  Mar 28, 2023
Very professional.

  Mar 27, 2023
Only good. He understands my physical conditions & my life situation & listens & prescribes accordingly.

  Mar 27, 2023
Highly recommend Dr Moore. Excellent listener and diagnostician.

  Mar 24, 2023
Excellent as always

  Mar 23, 2023
Love the new location at Cedar Hills Blvd. from the old location at St. V's. So much easier to access & park.

  Mar 20, 2023
Dr Moore is professional, thoughtful, and thorough, as usual. He consistently demonstrates care for my well-being.

  Mar 20, 2023
Dr Moore is the most thorough physician I've ever had.

  Mar 2, 2023
Dr. Michael Moore is very thorough and patient and a good listener.

  Feb 21, 2023
I was very pleased with my visit. Doctor answered all my questions and concerns.

  Feb 17, 2023
Very nice dr. I really like him, and recommend

  Feb 17, 2023
Dr. Moore is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable about my health history. I recommend Westside Internal Medicine to all my friends and family.

  Feb 14, 2023
Dr. Moore is very personable and very knowledgeable. He has interpreted some subtle symptoms of mine and skillfully honed in on root causes. He is the best doctor I have had.

  Feb 13, 2023
All good experiences

  Feb 13, 2023
Dr. Moore is the best doctor I've ever seen.

  Feb 9, 2023
Dr. Moore is outstanding and has my total confidence.

  Feb 7, 2023
Dr. Moore is exceptional in every way. His clinical knowledge, empathy. Listening, GENUINE CARE of me as a patient and person - ALL makes me know how fortunate I am to have him as my doctor.

  Feb 3, 2023
Dr. Moore always listens to my concerns & orders... PT & like.

  Feb 3, 2023
Just a positive seeing this provider for first time.

  Feb 3, 2023
Dr Moore is first class doctor. Relates well. Very informative and caring. Care team friendly and treat you as a person.

  Feb 3, 2023
Liked that Dr Moore helped us know what would be helpful and not necessary to do for the condition. He and Jesus used well my input as power of attorney for medical needs of the patient and treated me with respect. They talked directly to patient while also understanding when my input may be needed.

  Feb 2, 2023
Dr. Moore is an excellent communicator! I very much appreciate his time and attention. Very thorough and respectful!

  Jan 31, 2023
Nurses and staff very friendly

  Jan 25, 2023
Doctor Moore answered my questions in a very understandable way.

  Jan 18, 2023
Dr Moore is the best. Very approachable, knowledgeable, and responsive. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I have recommended him to several people.

  Jan 16, 2023
Dr Moore provided excellent medical advice and I value his opinion.

  Jan 16, 2023
Very thorough and professional

  Jan 16, 2023
Very helpful, answered all my questions, concern for my cancer condition. Visit was a positive meaningful appointment

  Jan 13, 2023
Always excellent service from Dr. Michael Moore.

  Jan 11, 2023
The rules about what to expect at a wellness exam are not clear. While the provider explained that he separated questions between what Medicare Requires and health issues, having me sign all of the disclaimers and agreeing to pay for anything medicare required made me very reluctant to ask any questions that might result in receiving an office bill of multiple hundreds of dollars. I have been burnt once in the past, and am still confused. When do I step over the line? I would recommend the provider, but would like to see more from the Office Organization - I expect more guidance about when to take about my health concerns as opposed to government requirements for reporting.

  Jan 9, 2023
Dr. Moore is an outstanding physician and an exemplary human being. I am truly fortunate to have him as my doctor.

  Jan 9, 2023
Everyone from the girls at the counter to the nurse and the doctor listens and answers questions, whether in person or via the app, in a reasonable amount of time.

  Jan 9, 2023
Best physician ever

  Jan 6, 2023
Dr Moore is always professional and is a great person to work with.

  Jan 4, 2023
This doctor has an office in the same office as my usual primary care physician but happened to have an opening sooner so I accepted it thinking that all the drs in the office are good. He actually spent more time than I expected examining my issues and discussing alternatives and explaining my issue. I was quite impressed!

  Dec 29, 2022
Staff very friendly

  Dec 20, 2022
It was great No problems

  Dec 20, 2022
I want to like Dr. Moore. But his bedside manner is not the greatest. He does not sugar coat anything, and raises my anxiety level.

  Dec 13, 2022
Dr Moore is always very attentive and caring Excellent physician

  Dec 12, 2022
Dr. Moore is a great doctor. Very professional & knowledgeable.

  Dec 6, 2022
Dr. Moore is always kind, helpful and understanding.