Shane C Kim, MD

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4.8 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Body Contouring, Botox, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Brow Lifts, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine, Face Lift, Facial Rejuvination, Hand Surgery, Juvederm, Liposuction, Microvascular Breast Reconstruction (DIEP flaps), Microvascular reconstruction, Restalyne, Tummy Tucks/Abdominoplasty




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About Me:

I am a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. I am one of the few plastic surgeons in Oregon who performs DIEP flaps for breast cancer reconstruction and an emphasis in reconstructive microsurgery. In addition, I also specialize in hand surgery and conditions of the hand. Hobbies include: Traveling, Hiking, Music

Fellowship: University of Southern California
Medical School: University of Kansas, School of Medicine - Kansas City, KS
Undergraduate: University of Kansas
Year I Started Practice: 2009
Hospitals Served: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.8 out of 5.0

  Oct 25, 2023
The provider seems to be in a hurry nd did not take much time with me.

  Oct 3, 2023
Clerk checking me in was very friendly. The girl who met me in the room to take my temperature, etc, was very unfriendly. She never looked at me. She obviously did not like her job.

  Sep 26, 2023
The MA/Nurse was gruff and unfriendly. I can't even tell you her name because it wasn't offered to me. I felt like I was inconveniencing her by being there. I don't expect Dr Kim to be warm and effusive as a surgeon but I do expect the MA/nurse to be that way both in general and to balance out what can be perceived as colder bedside manner from the surgeon. That said, Dr Kim, though fast-talking, made sure to address all my questions and provide detailed information regarding what to expect during my reconstruction surgery. He uses language that non-medical professionals can understand. He may not be warm and fuzzy but I trust his expertise and skill.

  Sep 19, 2023
Successful conclusion of more than 3 months of complex skin surgery and repair. Dr. Kim's skill and staff guidance was remarkable!

  Sep 13, 2023
Dr Kim was stone faced, humorless, unwilling to let me say anything until he was TOTALLY finished saying everything that he had to say. His "bedside manner" left something to be desired in my opinion. Really annoyed me.

  Sep 13, 2023
Good experience, however, though I was referred to this provider, and I thought the nature of my injury was very clear and understood, this provider, that I waited six weeks to see, said he does not deal with my type of injury and would need to refrr me to a partner. I thought I was finally, after 4.5 months, getting close to the finish line, only to be tripped before I got there.

  Aug 30, 2023
I have received great care. The support team were receptive and prompt to my needs. I feel my decision in choosing Dr Kim was the one of the best healthcare decisions I've made.

  Aug 29, 2023
Dr. Kim is straightforward and blunt--perfect for me, as I too am blunt and don't want to waste time or words. He's smart, full of information shared in a way I could understand, and thorough. Cool dude!

  Aug 9, 2023
Everyone from the valet parking attendants, techs, security guards, nurses, receptionists, doctors, surgeons have just been absolutely lovely. Every interaction has really helped turn an unfortunate situation into something a little more fortunate.

  Aug 8, 2023
Explained things well. Very happy with my appointment.

  Aug 2, 2023
Dr. Kim asked if I preferred to know the results of an x-ray he ordered by MyHealth chart or by phone. I answered I prefer the phone and he called me that evening with the results of the x-ray and was extremely helpful in explaining the results to me.

  Aug 2, 2023
Wait time for appt over 30 mins in waiting room Not acceptable

  Jul 11, 2023
I appreciated the thorough explanation of my care options. Dr. Kim was knowledgeable, compassionate, and a good communicator.

  Jun 28, 2023
Dr Kim is the best provider for surgery I have ever had.

  Jun 28, 2023
Dr Shane Kim is an excellent surgeon and kind and understanding of all aspects of my problem. Loved having him as my physician

  Jun 20, 2023
Dr Shane Kim is an Excellent Surgeon & explains everything so well ! His PA's are Wondrous as well! All the office staff were excellent! Thank You to All of You For Your Incredible Care & Expertise! Each of You are Sooo Appreciated & Awesome!! A Special ThankYou to Dr Kim for the Complete Cure to my Bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery!!!

  Jun 20, 2023
Very thorough, Dr very nice and direct.

  Jun 13, 2023
Dr. Kim responds to my health messages right away and he checked to see how I was doing. He took my case on when he was already so busy because of the good relationship he had with my surgical oncologist. I am 100% satisfied w/my care!

  May 30, 2023
Dr. Kim and his entire office go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable during uncomfortable procedures! I brag about my experience at this office to people because of how wonderful it was!

  May 26, 2023
Dr. Kim truly wants to alleviate your pain and made suggestions on what can help with everyday requirements. I.e., splint for thumb/wrist.

  May 18, 2023
Dr. Kim informed me of all the approaches and options I have along with the pros and cons of each in a way that was easy to understand. He explained everything so well I was able to make my decision on how I want to proceed without any questions and walked away with a wealth of information. Everyone I encountered were awesome and It all made for a very enjoyable experience.

  May 17, 2023
I respect this place thank you for your service.

  May 17, 2023
Bad that the office is located in the city which is unsafe.

  May 10, 2023
Clarity of complex service described; immediate visit summary!

  Apr 21, 2023
The visit was seamless, the MA was engaging and the provider was amazing! Thank you!

  Apr 20, 2023
I like Dr. Kim very nice understanding and caring Dr.

  Apr 20, 2023
Excellent patient communication with reception, nurse and doctor.

  Apr 5, 2023
Dr. Kim came highly recommended and hasn't disappointed. He is attune to his patients goals, health needs first and foremost.

  Apr 4, 2023
Ist time I had seen Dr Kim. Took forever to get an appointment with him. [detail removed for privacy] I can't say enough good things about this doctor.

  Mar 1, 2023
I felt like I had more to say but was given quick answers, the provider had his eyes closed more than open lack of eye contact, didn't set well with me.If he's going to talk to me he needs to look at me. It's like he had this all per planed speech.

  Mar 1, 2023
Only downside was it took 4.5 months from initial referral to actual appointment

  Feb 22, 2023
I just felt like a number to be processed quickly through. He was very concerned about what the insurance would cover. More then the pain it was causing to be so large. But on the upside, he did tell me if I lost 30 more pounds that I might be accepted by the insurance coverage.

  Feb 15, 2023
I was very impressed with Dr Kim!

  Feb 3, 2023
Dr. Kim is very thorough and has made my health...

  Jan 27, 2023
Dr. Kim is very good at what he does, He explains what he is doing and what to expect

  Jan 27, 2023
My appointment was with my plastic surgeon who did my implant on my left breast because of my mastectomy. He did a reduction on my right breast. Dr. Kim and his whole staff are kind, perfessional and talented.

  Jan 13, 2023
I was rushed through this visit and as soon as I admitted to being a smoker, he appeared he was finished with me and referred me to another doctor staff was great.

  Jan 11, 2023
Dr. Kim is very thorough & knowledgeable, love the staff & assistants.

  Jan 11, 2023
Dr. Kim has always provided excellent care!

  Jan 4, 2023
The only thing that was stressful was Dr. Kim's name or the office name (something plastic surgery) was not on the directory and with three medical buildings and my first time there, I didn't know what to do. As I'm making my way in the pouring rain to the other bldgs, I remembered the suite # is on my phone.

  Dec 30, 2022
Not only did Dr. Kim spend a sufficient amount of time with me explaining my injury, reviewing my xrays, explaining treatment options, and answering all of my questions, we also connected. Dr. Kim made me feel listened to, helped me with my concerns, and also proved he is a human being. It was a quick appointment but that was all that was needed. I feel confident in Dr. Kim's expertise, "bedside manner", and as a person.

  Dec 28, 2022
Although, I feel like I walked away with all the information I needed, I did feel like the appointment and the time spent with the provider was very rushed. And instead of a personalized visit, it felt like Dr Kim was reciting a memorized script with very little room for me to interject any comments or questions.

  Dec 27, 2022
Perfectlyh nice man - am confident in his ability during my surgery.