Children's Heart Program

The Children's Heart Program at Randall Children's Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic, surgical and medical services for children with both acquired and congenital heart diseases. Our kid-friendly environment combines the latest medical advances with compassionate, family-centered care. Our program is a regional leader for children's heart surgery and cardiology.


Teen Athletic Cardiac Screening

Kids come first

Our young patients receive all their care from partnering pediatric cardiologists and our pediatric surgeon. Cardiac Registered Nurse case managers support each patient and their families both before hospital admission and after discharge.

As a patient, your child will be treated with equipment, facilities and procedures all geared specifically to kids. And as parent, you'll be kept involved and informed every step of the way by our dedicated and experienced team of doctors, physician assistants and nurses.

Surgical expertise

We are proud to have Dr. John Iguidbashian as director of the Children's Heart Program. Dr. Iguidbashian is nationally recognized and board certified in congenital heart surgery. He completed his fellowship in congenital heart surgery at Randall Children's Hospital and has been an attending cardiac surgeon at RCH since 1996. Dr. Iguidbashian's interest and expertise is in some of the most challenging neonatal congenital heart surgeries such as transposition of the great arteries (TGA), repair of truncus arteriosus, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).  

Our specialized OR nursing team, anesthesiologists and perfusionists are all trained in congenital heart surgery.

The Children’s Heart Program’s surgery outcomes are measured by quality standards developed by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). The STS conglomerate represents the average mortalities and hospital stays for 113 centers from the U.S. and Canada that participate in the STS database. Download the Children’s Heart Program surgery outcomes.


Additional services

  • We offer surgery and palliation for all congenital heart defects, performing approximately 200 open heart surgeries each year 
  • One way we care for the health of kids in our community is by offering Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening. This screening event can detect cardiac conditions such as hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, the most common cause of sudden death in young athletes. Our staff is dedicated to offering this special day of screening.
  • As a bloodless surgery center with the most advanced equipment and technology available, we're committed to medical and surgical alternatives for those seeking bloodless care. 
  • Child Life Program -- we offer a compassionate and comprehensive approach to meeting the emotional, social and developmental needs of children and teens.Our activities may include music, art, and healing garden therapy.
  • Complete fetal program -- Through our close relationship with perinatologists in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, many of our patients are identified in utero. This early detection of complex heart problems allows for immediate care for the baby at the time of delivery.

Cardiology expertise

We also offer:

  • Advanced electrophysiology (EP) studies
  • Cardiac catheterization suite equipped with a state-of-the-art biplane fluoroscopy
  • Leading-edge procedures including valvuloplasties, pulmonary artery and aorta balloon procedures and more
  • "PedCath" software for cardiac catheterization, producing a customized cardiac diagram and physiologic report for every patient
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Cardiac CT

Our providers

John Iguidbashian, M.D., board-certified pediatric and adult cardiac surgeon

Jason Lines, PA-C, certified physician assistant

We partner with Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon:

Peter Chang, D.O., board-certified pediatric cardiologist

Andrew Hoyer, M.D. , board certified pediatric cardiologist

James Kyser, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist

Marc LeGras, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Jennifer Corbin PA-C, certified physician assistant