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December 29, 2021

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A busy schedule can make it challenging to stay consistently active and to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Kyra Evens, outpatient physical therapist at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, shares how she stays active despite a busy schedule. She also offers tips about incorporating physical activity and a healthier lifestyle into a busy schedule. 
How do you stay active with a busy schedule? 
Kyra Evens: Getting physical activity in with a busy schedule is challenging, especially during the dark winter months. Finding activities that you genuinely enjoy and having a variety to choose from makes it easier. Aside from exercising on workdays when I can, I prioritize a more extended bout of physical activity for one of my days off per week. Variety in my workouts keeps things exciting, and I can also enjoy all the fantastic outdoor things in the Pacific Northwest. Preferred activities might change with the seasons, and that’s OK. You don’t have to stick with one workout or type of activity all the time.  
How do you stay healthy? 
Kyra Evens: I love to run trails but mostly, I love being outside and moving. That usually means running, mountain biking, paddling, snowboarding, yoga or hiking. But I also love trying new things. I stay healthy by keeping my physical activity fun and making sure I have a little fun each day. I also make sure I rest. Getting adequate rest is important to every aspect of overall health. If I go hard one day, I make sure the following day is a ‘relative’ rest or recovery day.  

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