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Celebrating Women's History

March 02, 2023

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As Legacy Health celebrates Women’s History Month, we want to highlight the accomplishments of our colleagues. Read the stories of women who have helped Legacy, our patients and the community live their best lives.

Women's History Month

Kamesha Robinson
Director, Community Benefit

We start this series with Kamesha Robinson, director of Community Benefit. Kamesha talked about her career serving community, why that is so important to her and how she brings her passion to Legacy.

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Kara Schiebler
Principal Engineer, Information Systems

Kara Schiebler joined Legacy Health six years ago for a very specific project: Move most of the organization’s computer network to Citrix NetScaler. It was a challenge the principal engineer gladly embraced. As Legacy celebrates Women’s History Month, Kara spoke with us about this enormous project, how Legacy embraces diversity and an early career path that almost sidetracked her journey into IT.

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Jianmin Liang
Hospitality Service Associate, Food and Nutrition

Jianmin Liang joined Legacy three years ago after learning about a job opening from her cousin. She spends her days washing dishes for patients at Unity Center for Behavioral Health. In her conversation with Our People, Liang talked about how supportive the staff is and how they’ve welcomed her onto the team.

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Adie Rae (Wilson-Poe)
Assistant Scientist, Legacy Research Institute

Adie Rae joined Legacy in 2019 after singling out the organization because of its location. “I really wanted to raise my child here, in the Portland area,” she said. “She was born overseas, and it was important that she feel rooted in community.”

That decision has allowed Legacy and the community to benefit from her research around cannabis as an alternative to opioids for pain care. Adie talked about her work, the importance of supporting women in their career paths and how she came to Legacy.

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